My 1st Purchase from ZALORA

I’m sure most of you especially the ladies heard of ZALORA’s advertisement through radio and tv. Zalora is an online fashion shopping mall and they offer free delivery. Does their advertising manage to tempt you to buy anything from their online store? I do purchase online goods. But mostly are clothes and accessories. I’ve never tried purchasing any shoe online. I was afraid the size does not fit well for my feet. Though the measurements, length size were given.. but our feet width may varies too. Then I have some friends whom purchased few pairs of shoes from Zalora, are quite satisfied with their goods.

Recently when I purchase a cup of bubble milk tea from Chatime, I received this RM30 voucher. Then I thought the rebate is quite a big amount too. Therefore I decided to check their website to buy a pair of shoe. Zalora is smart! There is a term & condition upon using this voucher. ‘Minimum purchase of RM60 !’

 Follow steps below to make your purchase. (require to register an account before proceed) – steps are given by Zalora FB page.

photo by Zalora

STEP 1 – After selecting your desired product, select size and proceed with clicking the “Buy it now” button. Remember, the estimated delivery time is stated on each product page.

photo by Zalora

STEP 2 – In the order list page, you may view all the products you have selected. For those using coupon codes, fill in the code and click “Use”. Once you’ve finalized your purchases, click “Checkout” to go to the “Checkout” page.

photo by Zalora

STEP 3 – Add your billing address and delivery address in the space provided under customer information. Next, choose your desired payment method. You will be directed to another landing page depending on the payment method you opt for. For those who opt for Cash on delivery, you may have to select the time and date you wish your package to arrive.
You still have a second chance to enter the discount coupon code again here.

photo by Zalora

STEP 4 – Once the order is placed, you’ll see an “Order Received” page with details of your order including your Order Confirmation Number, along with other information.
You will also receive an order confirmation letter in your email. Here, the products you have purchased will be listed, along with your Order ID and estimated delivery time.

I then fall in love with this pair of shoe. Just like ‘love at first sight’. hehehe….Love the color. Love the print. But the price is RM59.90. Alamak! Haven achieve RM60 pulak…@_@

Then I continue browsing their website and I found this. I thought it may be suitable for me to wear to work. So, at the end of the day..I bought 2 pairs of shoes.

As you can see those numbers below the ‘Choose your size’ is your shoe size that you are suppose to select. When you click on the numbers, it will eventually show you the total available pairs. I do not consider myself lucky as I was picking the last pair. *Risky* To know why? Continue reading…. 😉

On the following day after my purchase, I received an email from Zalora notifying that my parcel has sent out…attached with tracking number together with this sentence :- “This shipment contains 1 item out of 2 total items you ordered.”

I was come 1 but not 2? So, I waited for the parcel. Delivered to my office. True enough only 1 pair. Therefore I made a phone call to Zalora to inquire about it. Only then I was told the black heel is ‘out of stock’. Aiyooo…should have at least call and inform me lor…I then ask them to resolve the matter that I’ve paid for the shoe. She apologized and promised to email me the store credit of equivalent amount (RM32.90) valid for 1 year. And I’ve received it the next day.

Parcel arrived in good condition.

Ta box of shoe. Small box in a big box =p

A return slip just in case your shoe has defect or you want to change the size.

I’m very satisfied and happy with my pair of shoe. Quite comfy and the material is quite soft too. 

I thought of pairing this pair of sock with the shoe. But I see the color doesn’t match lah. That gives me a good reason to buy another pair of sock. hehe…BTW..I got this pair of sock from Daiso for just RM5.

29 thoughts on “My 1st Purchase from ZALORA”

  1. Then came zalora . Its hard to avoid them. Ads on the radio. Loyalty with bcard (seen at borders, starbucks, etc.). Today in email, hsbc cardholders get 15% off on zalora. Almost every other google ad that I see happens to be from zalora.

  2. Hi, i would just like to ask you since you have bought.. i followed the conversion chart they provided, 23.5 cm converted to EU 36. But i still feel uneasy because all along when buying shoes (singapore) i have been buying size 40. Besides, 36 was the last pair they had, so i wanted to know how you went about with the size… :)))

    1. Hi bloopy. I determine the shoe size based on their measurements. So, I measured my feet! Hehe…. It fits perfectly..Maybe you try purchasing one pair first. After all they do provide return policy. Happy shopping…. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your recommendation! I have ordered the shoes but it has yet to arrive. 🙂 Yep, i know about the return policy so i will consider refunding if it really doesn’t fit but thanks for your suggestion. Hmm, but just a general question, do you observe that the shoe size number bought is smaller than the size number you usually have to buy outside at physical shops? (e.g 36 instead of 40) On the other hand, there is actually more than 1 conversion chart on the zalora site, one at the bottom of the page which reads ‘size guide’ and one that is above the shoe sizes as can be seen from the photo you have uploaded above, reading ‘see conversion chart’ 🙂 sigh.. i am confused on which to follow.. Lastly, if you dont mind, approximately what shoe size did you choose in the picture above? 😀 Thank you so much for your help~~ ^^

      2. Hey Bloopy….
        Have you received your shoes?
        I’ve purchased twice…both also under the same brand “Sole Nice”. The measurements provided is accurate for this shoe brand. However, my friend’s recent purchased shoe from Zalora under the brand “Larrie”…the measurement chart provided doesn’t seem to work on this brand. Its not the same! Therefore she has to return the shoe back to Zalora. *sigh*
        Guess , on safer side…I better stick to the same brand!

  3. Hello there!
    those shoes are really nice on you ❤
    i was thinking to buy shoes from Zalora, but then the sizes are really worrying.
    i was usually size 39 when i buy shoes.
    But at Zalora, when i measure my feet it shockingly gives size 35.5 (or 36)! is it really true size?
    what's your size by the way?
    hope you can reply soon 🙂
    thank you 😀 ❤

    1. hi suha..
      Select the item that you planned to purchase, then click “add to bag”, click “checkout”.
      On the “pay and confirm” screen…most right side, there is a part written “Have a gift card or promo code? Enter it here “. Click that tab and enter your voucher code. After entering the voucher code, click “Apply” to view the balance payment.

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