I was at Kota Bharu, Kelantan the past weekend to attend a UNI fren’s wedding.

When Tat announced his actual wedding date and its gonna held at his hometown, Kota Bharu…we, a group of friends managed to grab cheap flight tickets. We did not bother to drive because of the long hours journey. We took a night flight and reached KB almost 11pm. (about 1 hour flight). The wedding was on Friday.

A date to remember….

I love the color combination of the hand bouquet. So elegant…

During my time…because I need to travel far..instead of real flowers, the bridal shop suggested to make a hand bouquet using ferroro roche chocolate.

White color car really goes well with any color ribbons.

It was one fine day…no rain but a sunny day.

The groom together with his fellow mates @heng dais were all ready for the important day. (dress-code : white shirt with black short pants)

Wasn’t quite sure if the groom was nervous. Forgot to interview him ^_^

Obviously you can’t fetch the bride easily…the guys have to go through some games given by the gals @ji muis…from the bride side.

The jimuis treated the hengdais so good…at least they were not fed with disgusting stuff…you know what I mean rite?And also waxing..hehe…

@_@ Kesian Khong Hean…been treated as Barbie Doll

Torturing? Nahh….these guys looks like they were having fun.

A photo with busy HB =p


A photo captured at Tat‘s uncle’s shop during tea ceremony.

Night session during wedding dinner held at Grand Riverview Hotel.

Oppss…such a coincident that I wore the same color dress as the bride =p

Walk down the aisle….

Toast to the couple. Wish them a blissful marriage.

Once again Congratulations to Tat & Siew Liek. Wishing you two an abundance of love and happiness! ♥

14 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS to Tat & Siew Liek”

  1. it’s nice to look at photos of wedding days. everyone’s glowing with happiness! tnx for sharing this little ray of sunshine for a cloudy day 😀

  2. Congrats to the happy couple. Wow!!! The groom is so tall. Eeee…a red wedding cake! First time seeing that…fusion eh? Red, very auspicious to the Chinese!

    I also attended a wedding over the weekend and the heng tai’s were also dressed like that. Standard uniform now eh? That’s good… I’ve seen weddings where they were all dressed up in suits, matching the one worn by the groom. Gosh!!! If the groom had to foot the bill…that alone would have cost a bomb.

    1. STP – Yalo yalo..the groom indeed so TALL! hahaha…Ermm..the cake ar..I think its not edible le..

      The uniform…inspired by “PSY” :-p
      You know what…some couples are really willing to spend on their wedding.

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