My 1st attempt on Sarawak Tomato Kuey Teow

After watching 8TV’s Ho Chiak program on Sarawak’s food…

Then also I saw Baby Sumo’s posted her beautiful art-piece ofΒ  Kuching’s Keo Jiap Mee on her Facebook page.

So, I decided to google for the recipe to try cooking it myself.

I only able to eat Sarawak Tomato Kuey Teow whenever I go back to my in-law’s house in Sarikei. Not often though =p

Prepared all the needed ingredient over the weekend. Unfortunately I bought the wrong kuey teow which I myself did not realize until I open the pack and loosen the kuey teow. Dumb Dumb Mel! It requires the wide type of kuey teow which we often use to cook ‘Wat Tan Hor’. But I bought the narrow ones..which is more appropriate to use for soup hor fun. *sigh*

What to do? Just go ahead and see what it become lor….

Fail max!!! After frying the kuey teow in the pan of hot oil…it became so lumpy 😦

After the frying is done..I place it in a plate.

Before proceeding with the gravy…

*Hubby came home*….

Mel : I bought the wrong kuey teow lor.

Alex : What do you mean wrong kuey teow? Is there any difference?

Mel : Of course got difference la….This is meant for soup ‘hor fun’. And it became 1 kao 1 kao (lumpy) after frying it. *sobs

Alex : Har? That one on the plate kar? I thought tonite you made something additional for dinner. I thought its duno what Chinese pancake (flour-cake).

Mel : *Deng lor….pancake?????

Can’t help but we both end up laughing out loud. LOL!

Anyway…I did complete the cooking also lar….Let’s see..

This is the Tomato Kuey Teow that I had in Sarawak.

Ta Dah…presenting you my 1st attempt on Sarawak Tomato Kuey Teow. The lumpy kuey teow does look horrible hoh. Nvm…I will learn from failure.

When asked HB what percentage of similarity will you give? He gave me a 70%. Hmmm…this teacher quite strict oso lor….

Let’s cook Sarawak Tomato Kuey Teow.


1) 450g Kuey Teow
2) 10 Nos. Prawns
3) 2 medium size sotong
4) Sayur Sawi

5) some chicken fillet marinated with light soya sauce
6) 2 table spoon Corn floor mixed in a cup of water
7) 5 tbsp. Tomato Sauce
8) 3 cups of Chicken Stock
9) Sarawak White Pepper
10) 1 tea spoon of Oyster Sauce


a) Loosen the kuey teow properly and fry them with some oil in the Wok. Add some Kicap Hitam Pekat /sweet sauce (Kicap Manis) for the dark look. After frying, set aside.
b) Add some more oil in the wok, and start frying some garlic in it. Add the chicken meat, prawns and sotong and fry till semi cooked.
c) Add the chicken stock water, pepper and oyster sauce and continue to stir till cooked.
d) Add the tomato sauce to taste (I used 5 tbsp.) and then add the corn flour water. Continue to stir until the sauce thickens.

e) Start adding the vegetable Sayur Sawi and stir until the vegetable is cooked.
f) When it’s all done, pour the sauce from the pan onto the kuey teow.

(credit to for the recipe)

Hubby must be feeling extra homey this week. After the Sarawak Tomato Kuey Teow..then I cooked Foo Chow red rice wine mee suah on the following day. πŸ˜‰

22 thoughts on “My 1st attempt on Sarawak Tomato Kuey Teow”

  1. Mel, I think you did a good job, next time u just need to get the right koay teow, then it’s perfect edi! You shd enter this to Sarawak Food Fest! (I invite u on FB k)

  2. I think yours look a lot better…and more like what I would order when in Kuching. Where did you eat that? Not the best in town, I’m sure. Ummm…kway teow, got different ones kah? For soup and for frying… I thought all the same?

  3. I wanna try this since both hubby and I love the tomato and kueh teow…but we have both not tasted Sarawak tomato kueh teow. Hehehe so even if I go wrong we both won’t know the difference:D

  4. just the kuey teow only mah, next time use the right one jau perfect liao de. πŸ˜€ We all made blunder lah, i still remember my pumpkin rice. LOL! Add oil add oil. πŸ˜›

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