Kota Bharu, Kelantan…not bad at all..

Traveling together with a large group of friends somehow reminds me of my school days where we used to attend those ‘rombongan sambil belajar’.

My recent trip to Kota Bharu , reason to attend a wedding and at the same time to spend to travel around KB. Tat rented 2 units of serviced apartment for all of us at Kondominium Pelangi Mall.

photo stolen from Jimmy

meeting in our apartment ^^

Our room has nice view too….view of ‘teh tarik’ river.

Come to Kelantan must never forget to try their nasi dagang. I thought nasi dagang is from Terengganu. Then I asked mummy who came from Terengganu…she told me they are different in terms of rice. Nasi dagang in Terengganu, the rice is whiter.

My breakfast of day 1 was a pack of nasi dagang with curry ikan tongkol(fish) and 1/2 egg for RM3.30.

Kota Bharu is the state capital of Kelantan. Though Kelantan is ruled by the Islamic Party..yet there are many Siam Buddhist temple, probably due to the influential by the Thais which is very near to Kelantan. (will blog about the temples in my next post)

Our so-called tour guide,Jimmy brought us here, Siti Khadijah Market in Kota Bharu town.

My friend, Rock told me this market is unique because most traders are women. Here at this market, you can get many local products.

Come to Kelantan…must not forget to bring home some keropok ikan(fish crackers) too….

Makcik packing my keropoks…Weeee….happy purchase πŸ˜‰

fancy these jars of ‘jeruk’?

Then we came to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Located about 10km from Kota Bharu) which was formerly named as Pantai Cinta Berahi / Passionate Love. So, now its call ‘Moonlight Beach’. There must be a reason they changed the name. Probably people there are sensitive with the word “berahi”/passion.

I Love the photo outcome of this place. β™₯

Don’t you agree that this place is beautiful? I’m using this photo as my PC’s wallpaper πŸ˜‰

Siew Liek told me, huge rocks were placed along the beach because of the erosion.

Oppa KB Style?

phew….panas sungguh cuaca hari ini…

Alex and I

My BF of the day…. ^^

Lets order some coconut drink to quench our thirst. Told you right…we are like a bunch of students. =p

Enjoying a coconut drink under the hut surrounded by coconut trees feels so good. You can’t have this kind of feel in KL city.

I’ve not seen those drinks, sarsi & ice cream soda in the bottle. Have you?

Some of our friends left KB a day earlier than us. Later in the afternoon…..we came to Pantai Sri Tujuh (about 17km from Kota Bharu town), is one of the famous beach in Kelantan.

Its an eye sore to see rubbish were thrown everywhere…. 😦

work of a creative person.

Take 1 – High Jump

Take 2 – Then I requested something rather funny one.

Do you miss this kind of ice cream? Though it would not taste as creamy or as good as those luxurious brand…but it reminds me of school days πŸ˜‰

The power of technology. Shoot and post! I love the sun glare above Jimmy’s headΒ  ^^

Then I bought a big grilled corn for RM2.50 from a foodstall near the beach.

We had our Thai food dinner here. But the food was just average..so, I didn’t bother to take down the details.

Say goodbye to Kota Bharu…we travel back to KL on a morning flight.

Thank you to Jimmy, Tat & Siew Liek for the hospitality πŸ˜‰

28 thoughts on “Kota Bharu, Kelantan…not bad at all..”

  1. Never been to the East Coast except for Kuantan, Pahang in 1986. Hope to go one day. Kelantan’s is called nasi kerabu…blue colour. Nasi dagang is Trengganu’s…with fish curry.

  2. i used to travel to KB annually to visit my godma! but they moved to KL three years ago and i don’t have any excuse to go jor 😦

    the kerepok lekor, is called kao sai (dog poop)there!

  3. teh tarik river!

    love the nasi dagang at the market…love the market too except for the sale of turtle eggs.

  4. u should try milk coconut or known as well as “kelapa susu” when go to pantai cahaya bulan.. drooling for that

  5. That Sarsi/Orange soda in the bottle is called as “Sarsi Kelate or Oren Kelate” becoz it is made in Kelantan.Got many brands but the famous one is “Oren Kelantan”. It is the ‘coca-cola’ of the Kelantanese and it have been manufactured since the 40’s-50’s . My dad (now 65 yrs old) told me the real Coke was really expensive (50 cents) that time in Kelantan and only available in big cities like KL and Spore and the only place in KB selling Coke is one of the Shell Gas Station in Jalan Mahmud and fancy restaurants in KB Happy World Cabaret, Jalan Hamzah (Now KB Mall). So the local made some initiative to produce their own version of ‘coke’ (well sort off) but cheaper .My dad told me how love to drink those soda when he was a little kid,back from school. It is still produce until now but the last time i drink it, the sparkling soda is not that much anymore. If you go to some uptowns in Klang Valley, you will some Kelantan guys selling that drink. Hope this helps. Btw, sorry to barged in to your blog. I was looking for Kelantan Map and got hooked up with your awesome blog.

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