Cendol & Rojak Stall @Putra Heights

Been living here at Putra Heights for almost a year. But wasn’t aware there’s a cendol stall in front of Onking electrical shop. A row of shops facing the main road. I passes by this road almost everyday! Probably because its closed when I reaches home around 7pm.

Till one day, Alex told me there’s a cendol stall or precisely a mobile stall because operated with a lorry. The other day, Alex ajak me to menjamu selera at this cendol stall. The lorry its parked by the road shoulder with ample space for them to place the tables and chairs. Eat cendol under the sun and trees not bad oso lor…..

Located in front of Onking Electrical shop. The place is quite shady. Thanks to the big trees.

A bowl of cendol at price of RM1.60 (size of a rice bowl).

I believed cendol is one of the best local dessert which also suits Malaysia’s weather.

This cendol has uses the right level of gula melaka which suits my liking. A not bad ratio between gula melaka and coconut milk. However I feel that the condiments (sweet corn, red beans and green-worm like jelly) is quite little. Not sure whether they have ‘pulut’ (glutinous rice)..if yes, you can ask to ‘tambah’ (add-on).

I saw people ordering rojak! Other than rojak they do serve mee goreng mamak, sup lembu, sup ayam. The ‘tam jiak’ me couldn’t be just satisfied with just cendol. So, I ordered a plate of rojak to share with Alex. Too bad I got a dinner to attend that evening. Else I will order the mee goreng mamak too! HAHAHA! A plate of rojak for RM3.80.

Mix together the julienne cucumber and turnips(sengkuang), fried beancurd and keropok with the sweet and not so spicy peanut sauce. It comes with 1 whole hard boiled egg. They gave generous pieces of crispy keropok…very niceee! *crunch crunch*

Overall Rating : 7/10

Location : Jalan Mahkota 7/6C, Putra Heights, 47650 Subang Jaya Selangor.D.E

23 thoughts on “Cendol & Rojak Stall @Putra Heights”

  1. Oh you stay at Putra Heights ah? I very long time no go there liao hehe Nice place to stay got a few exits too very convenient hor, go Subang so near, so Shah Alam also near, go Puchong also near

    By the way the rojak and cendol and abc looks so good!! Yumm… lau hau sui tim!

    1. Cheryl – You used to come Putra Heights? Ya…many exits..if want avoid the jam..just use highway. I hope they won’t over develop this place. I’m quite satisfied with it now.
      Hahaha! Eat cendol..must eat rojak as well!

      1. Yes I’ve been there maybe less than 10 times at one point 7-8 years ago to renovate the apartment I bought then to be rented out. Since I dont need to collect rental they just bank-in on time, I didn’t make any trip there anymore. Its quite a distance for me but I remembered its a peaceful township and the houses are so nice!

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