Happy Dongzhi Festival

This year’s Dongzhi festival falls on 21 December. It so happens the date is also same as the proclaimed “End Of The World”! I suppose people are more concern about this end of the world thingy than dongzhi celebration lar….

I didn’t bother much, because I can’t do anything if it really happens. Well…spent my day as usual. What I hated most are those people spreading rumors which they themselves aren’t sure. About earthquake, hurricane and flooding in KL (aren’t KL is already flooding alot of time even with our so SMART tunnel?!). Do they actually know those statement can actually create chaos?! *Duhhh….. Anyway…if end of the world would to happen, we humans are the main culprit for destroying this earth!

I woke up as usual today, with bright sunshine. Glad that everything is still the same. Back to work with all the FARK up works! *damn*

Anyway…Dongzhi Festival is about making and eating tong yuen. Tong yuen symbolized reunion. My late grandma used to say Dongzhi is the most important festival celebrated by the Chinese. Ya…greater than Chinese New Year, she said. Therefore I prepared these lovely tong yuen last night. They are easy to prepare. I am already an expert in mixing and kneading the dough, achieving the right consistency. I mixed them every year leh! :-p (But don’t ask me the exact measurement) While my mom will be the one who prepares the ginger+sugar soup. I like the process of making tong yuen, where everyone will join in the fun.

305329_10151248227652740_1147413915_nMom says tong yuen has to be round round. Odd shape? Do it again! Haha..

I like my pastel colors tong yuen. Don’t you think they are lovely?

Note: I uses edible coloring okay… :-p


My colorful tong yuen lollipops! (my fingers also kena color) Looks like a colorful  ‘ping tong wu lou’ !

Wishing Everyone Happy Dongzhi Festival!!

13 thoughts on “Happy Dongzhi Festival”

  1. so many colors de!!! hahahaha. Eh, next time teach me how to do the dough ler. I only helped my mom to make into round round shape, not kneading. Kakaka.

  2. Happy Dong Dzi and merry christmas!

    Did not make my own this year but will probably make the lil cute fellas for CNY for our brekkie:D

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