On Mummy’s Birthday………….

Speaking about western food in Seremban, there aren’t much choice. Unlike those Chinese ‘Dai Chow’ which can be find easily.

Kensington Restaurant in Seremban will often come across our mind when refer to serving decent western food with affordable pricing too. I think my Seremban folks would agreed as well. Kensington has existed for many years. It has total 2 outlets in Seremban.

On mummy’s birthday, we decided to go there for dinner. This place is often crowded over weekends, dinner and especially on festive seasons.

A pot of Peach & Passion fruit tea for RM10.

My cheeky niece insisted to shoot a photo of her.

Started off with a bowl of Cream of Mushroom Soup for RM4.30.

I ordered a Seafood Platter for RM48, enough for 3-4 eaters. This seafood platter comes with Stuffed Crabs with Cheese, Fried Prawn with Salt & Pepper, Fried Squids with Tangy Sauce, Mussels Tomato Salsa.

All the above are quite good. I especially like the Mussels Tomato Salsa (very appetizing) and Stuffed Crabs with Cheese.

A closer shot

Chicken Veronique with Grape Wine Sauce – RM16

We all love this Sizzling Chicken topped with Ham & Cheese served with Butter Cream Sauce for RM16.

Bolognaise Chicken Pasta – RM12.50

My family enjoyed the dinner.

For dessert, we had Toffee Banana with Ice Cream & Mixed Fruits RM12.

I remembered having this the very first time was during my teenage time..with my friends. Memories*

I like the toffee banana. Just like crispy pisang goreng coated with caramelized toffee.

Kesington Restoran (near Min Kok Restaurant)
Jalan Era Square 3, Era Square, 
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel : 06-768 7288

Bought a delicious Chocolate Mousse birthday cake from RT Pastry House.

Fresh and moist chocolate mousse cake! Very nice chocolatey taste. We all love chocolates!

Happy Birthday Mummy Dearest. Wishing you lotsa happiness and good health!

Oppss…such a formal group photo! p/s: My fat poodle decided to join in too…*kepochi* :-p

29 thoughts on “On Mummy’s Birthday………….”

      1. LOL! SP, u veli funny le…tak habik habik with gelato! LOL!
        Nole…RT pastry not available in Seremban. I bought it from Puchong.
        When you want to open one branch in Seremban? I promise, I’ll be a regular customer πŸ˜‰

  1. Wow what a happy occassion πŸ™‚
    Happy Belated Birthday to yr mom Mel . The foods really look tempting lor .
    Love the Chocolate cake lei πŸ™‚

  2. happy belated birthday to your mom! you have a nice family (and pet) πŸ˜€ ooh, i’ve never heard of Chicken Veronique with Grape Wine Sauce. sounds like an interesting one; hopefully i’ll find it in kl someday πŸ˜€

  3. Thats the seafood platter that I would want, platter’s here are all battered and deep fried nothing exiting as those.

    Anyways Have a prosperous New Year to you and your Family Melissa

  4. Happy belated birthday Aunty!
    Mel mel… your mom every year look the same de!!! Can help me ask her what is her secret of maintaining mah? hahahahaha…..

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