At Trick Art Museum, i-City Shah Alam

It was still early to watch the colorful LED lights here at i-City…I meant the lights will only turn on around 7pm. So, we decided to pay RM5 per person to visit Trick Art Museum….since most of the rides are for kids. Yes…you need to queue to purchase the tickets and additional RM5 deposit (dunno the deposit is for wat oso). Deposit money is refundable..but queue again lah…

Earlier I’ve read and seen some of the photos published on newspaper about this museum. It looks quite interesting.

THE Trick Art Museum at i-City in Shah Alam has earned a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the first trick art museum in the country. The walls and floors of the 8,000 sq ft museum are adorned with hand-drawn 3D images, enticing visitors to pose with the paintings. The effects are magnified especially when the fun poses are captured on camera. (source from The Star)

The 8,000 sq ft museum spanning two floors is the latest attraction in the Selangor capital. The museum in i-City has been divided into five areas with different themes — animal kingdom, Egyptian, marine life and selected masterpieces, which include modern classics and famous masterpieces. All the paintings are done on walls and floors. Well..the painters are from South Korea, Iran and China.

The first painting that you will see as you enter the room.

*Alex so jahat….go pull down people’s pant.

Woahh….I din know mummy is such a good painter. Mona Lisa le….dun play play hoh…

*I fetch!

Hmmm…..was hoping to find some hidden treasure underground…

Aiyo….Mummy was so excited! She said the blocks are falling down!

Elo….anybody home? *he whisper to the mice kut…

Climb ladder…aiya…easy job problem.

Wahh….got hidden door le…push hard*

Hey….this balancing ain’t easy okay.. I don’t want to fall into the deep hole.

Pity the tree…kena chopped =_=

The baby elephant is cute hoh. So friendly summore. Aiyoo…reminds me of the baby elephant at Sabah. So pitiful 😦

*dunno can feed or not. I think the elephant likes me lar. LOL!

Run fast! The bull is getting angry!

Ima bad angel…hehe huhu haha….

The giraffe is also friendly.

Help…I don’t want to be eaten by T-Rex!

Alex volunteer to be life bait.

Wow…this slide was fun. But there’s a buaya waiting there. Alamak!

Penguins here are so tame.


Chinese New Year coming edi….I need more money. *open bag*

Over Here* Drop it all….

Batman & Robin are here to guard the museum I guess ^^

One can be creative in their posing together with the wall art..It gives you the 3D effect which looks quite real. However not every painting gives you the WOW effect. Some looks quite boring (I skipped that). Those arts are impressive!

But the one at Jeju Island, Korea look much nicer!

Trick Art Museum, Jeju – Day 12 in South Korea

20 thoughts on “At Trick Art Museum, i-City Shah Alam”

  1. Well, glad to know there more than LED lights in i-City. The closest attraction I visited similar to this is at Philip Island two years ago. To be frank for RM 5, it is a steal considering the pictures I see here. Maybe I should be there with my wife one day, minus the LED.


  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks for linking my post on Jeju’s TA. I didn’t know they also had one in Shah Alam, it would have been fun to see when we went to Malaysia. Nevertheless, funny pics you have here (i think there are also same paintings in the TA in Jeju and Shah Alam) Have a good day 🙂

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