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SNOWALK @i-City Shah Alam

The weather was really hot during Chinese New Year. Where can we go for a cooler weather? Other than Shopping Malls or turning on my home air-cond, lets go to SnoWalk at i-City Shah Alam! Literally I name it giant size refrigerator. LOL LOL.

During the past Christmas, Jet asked me why aren’t we getting any snow? (that’s how he imagined Christmas). Aww…I’m pretty sure everyone likes White Christmas. I too wished we will get snow here…. 🙂



Hence, Snowalk at i-City Shah Alam will be the nearest point compared to Genting Highland. My previous trip to Genting Highland, I didn’t get the chance to visit the Snow World because it was closed for refurbishment.


There we ample of parking at i-city, basement parking and also open air parking. The parking fee is RM 3 per hour with a maximum of RM 10 per day.


The new admission ticket price for Snowalk has increased very much compared to last year. When i asked the counter about the new pricing, I was told because they did refurbishment. Hence the price increased. Although there’s no time limitation to be inside the snow room, but charging at RM60 per adult and RM50 per child is quite alot I felt. Imagine if its a big family. Nevertheless it is still cheaper than travel to overseas for real snow.

Cash or Credit Card (Visa) is accepted here.

* Infant below 1 years old & pregnant women is not allowed to enter SnoWalk



Winter Jacket & Boot will be provided by the premise. But some jackets with faulty zip.


Ear muff, scarf or hand gloves and be purchase here. Otherwise can bring your own.


Lockers are also available here with a fee of RM3 (one time usage). In case you want to store your shoes or other belongings.

If you want to feel warm after exiting, there are vending machines with hot drinks.


I brought my own glove for Jet, which I bought from Daiso.

Tip: Let your child wear thicker clothes, long sleeve or sweater under the Winter Jacket. Because I felt the jacket provided for children is not thick and it is very cold inside!


As you enter the room, you will be greeted by the staff photographer to take a nice family photo for you. If you like the photo, you can buy the printed copy for RM35 at the exit point. LMAO!! More money spend! 😀 😀


The temperature here was about 5 degree Celsius.











There were many ice sculptures here. YES! Many of them..I read that, these ice sculptures were made by international artists from Harbin China.


By the way, there weren’t any snow at this area. More like a thin layer of crushed ice laid on the carpet. Becareful, it can be quite slippery too.




Toboggan for children and adult.


There were also ice sculptures with small slides for the young child.



There’s a small area of football court which Jet enjoyed so much.


This was the last part. The room is brighter and draws more crowd. Reason is that this area has falling snow and it looks like a playground. I actually got the urge to go on the slide. But I shy…. hahaha!


Check out the fine snow.


Jet told me to take a video of him throwing snowball.



We didn’t spend long hours here because my mom & Jet was freezing cold already.

Anyway, we have achieved our snow experience. Mission accomplished!


Most of the rides here are suitable for children. Price starts from RM5 per ride.


My brother accompanied Jet for the car ride.



Persiaran Multimedia
40000 I-City
Selangor, Malaysia

Phone 1: +6 03 5521 8866
Phone 2: +6 03 5521 8800

At Trick Art Museum, i-City Shah Alam

It was still early to watch the colorful LED lights here at i-City…I meant the lights will only turn on around 7pm. So, we decided to pay RM5 per person to visit Trick Art Museum….since most of the rides are for kids. Yes…you need to queue to purchase the tickets and additional RM5 deposit (dunno the deposit is for wat oso). Deposit money is refundable..but queue again lah…

Earlier I’ve read and seen some of the photos published on newspaper about this museum. It looks quite interesting.

THE Trick Art Museum at i-City in Shah Alam has earned a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the first trick art museum in the country. The walls and floors of the 8,000 sq ft museum are adorned with hand-drawn 3D images, enticing visitors to pose with the paintings. The effects are magnified especially when the fun poses are captured on camera. (source from The Star)

The 8,000 sq ft museum spanning two floors is the latest attraction in the Selangor capital. The museum in i-City has been divided into five areas with different themes — animal kingdom, Egyptian, marine life and selected masterpieces, which include modern classics and famous masterpieces. All the paintings are done on walls and floors. Well..the painters are from South Korea, Iran and China.

The first painting that you will see as you enter the room.

*Alex so jahat….go pull down people’s pant.

Woahh….I din know mummy is such a good painter. Mona Lisa le….dun play play hoh…

*I fetch!

Hmmm…..was hoping to find some hidden treasure underground…

Aiyo….Mummy was so excited! She said the blocks are falling down!

Elo….anybody home? *he whisper to the mice kut…

Climb ladder…aiya…easy job problem.

Wahh….got hidden door le…push hard*

Hey….this balancing ain’t easy okay.. I don’t want to fall into the deep hole.

Pity the tree…kena chopped =_=

The baby elephant is cute hoh. So friendly summore. Aiyoo…reminds me of the baby elephant at Sabah. So pitiful 😦

*dunno can feed or not. I think the elephant likes me lar. LOL!

Run fast! The bull is getting angry!

Ima bad angel…hehe huhu haha….

The giraffe is also friendly.

Help…I don’t want to be eaten by T-Rex!

Alex volunteer to be life bait.

Wow…this slide was fun. But there’s a buaya waiting there. Alamak!

Penguins here are so tame.


Chinese New Year coming edi….I need more money. *open bag*

Over Here* Drop it all….

Batman & Robin are here to guard the museum I guess ^^

One can be creative in their posing together with the wall art..It gives you the 3D effect which looks quite real. However not every painting gives you the WOW effect. Some looks quite boring (I skipped that). Those arts are impressive!

But the one at Jeju Island, Korea look much nicer!

Trick Art Museum, Jeju – Day 12 in South Korea

My First Visit to i-City, Shah Alam

Before the lights go out……..


I often mention to Alex that one day we should pay a visit to i-City before the lights go out. Later the LED lights terbakar edi…how to watch summore? ^^

You know lar…Malaysia style ma….creative, innovative…but poor in maintaining!

During the past long weekend we finally made a trip there. Bringing mummy along too.

Recreational attractions at i-City comprises of:-


A 30,000 sq ft outdoor convention centre with a capacity of 15,000. i-Walk has been venue for a number of international events such as the MTV World Stage Concert Live in Malaysia 2011 and Miss Tourism International 2010.

The night view of i-Walk


Newly refurbished with a Science 2012 @i-City theme, this is a 50,000 sq ft snow educational showcase with life-sized ice sculptures and thrilling rides in a below 5 degree Celsius arctic environment.

We did not go in to experience it. I find it abit expensive to pay RM35/person.

RM25 per adult and RM20 per child before 6pm.

RM35 per adult and RM30 per child after 6pm.

Water World@i-City

Experience Malaysia’s first Tornado ride attraction and enjoy a day of cool splashing games and activities for the family.

The entrance ticket for adult is RM50

The overall map of i-City. Look interesting only.

Although the entrance is free, but every ride also need to queue and buy ticket. All rides also need to pay. No money no talk. This world really no free lunch!

Looks like they are using vacant shop lots to transform into amusement park.

Ride for kids. ‘Pirate Ship’ I suppose.

Happy Train for kids.


no idea what mascot is this. Just go forward pose and snap photo! ^^

City of Digital Lights

Dubbed the City of Digital Lights, the over 1.0 million LED lights dazzing i-City nightscape attracts an average of 90,000 visitors weekly. Its seasonal light themes and outdoor fun rides has become a night gathering place for families and friends.

The festive season is coming soon…Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Brighten up the walkway with red LED lights shape of lanterns.

Although Christmas is over, I still like snowman. 😉

Do you notice the rail across this photo? That’s the track for Spacewalk which is an elevated rail ride through the Enchanted Forest of digital lights. RM20 per cable car (holds two people).

Beautiful lights. Finally I got to witness them!

Mummy said these Sunflowers are very pretty!

Super Swing – RM5/ ride

Double Decker, claimedthe largest 2-Tier Carousel in Malaysia. RM5/ride

Bought the Mickey prop there….for RM5. *act kawaii*

Verdict : 1 visit will be enough, at least to experience it. If you only want to spend time only on the LED lights…. 1 hour is sufficient. Food wise…nothing much to choose here. Its either you go for Kung Fu Chicken (KFC) or Oldtown White Coffee…do not put high expectation on the food. Else go for mamak food there. Parking rate is rather high. We parked our car for not more than 3 hours, the auto machine charged at RM12! More expensive than shopping malls leh!

There is also a ‘6 D Motion Theater’, I don’t dare to experience it…I afraid the effect I got after the show is backache. LOL!

Check out the upcoming event on their website. “Event Calender”