My recent Sarikei Food Trail

Undeniable that Sarikei, Sarawak is considered as my another home. In this peace and rather slow and steady town… it would be a stress free place to relax your mind.

Although most of the time my staying period were short, but I’ll try my best to fill my time with food. LOL! Especially Sarawak Foochow food which are difficult to get in KL. I do enjoy the food here. Guess most of my friends are gonna hate me for showing them something they couldn’t eat. Haha! Its like you can see but cannot eat. So torturing :-p

Below are just part of food I had. Because I decided to only share the ones that I like most.

Fried Mee Suah on the very first night.

Fried Mini Kompia with Minced Meat Filling. Aren’t they look like Pacman? ๐Ÿ˜€

Kuey Teow Tomato for supper, perhaps? ๐Ÿ™‚

To satisfy my cravings…. Kampua for breakfast on the following day!

Followed by thinly sliced pork liver soup added some red rice wine.

Thanks to Arthur for informing me about this nice Mochi with Peanut Butter filling and Nestum coating from Kim Hing Bakery and Confectionery.

In every coffee shops before your food is served, this is how they place your cutlery. In a cup filled with hot warm. Guess its more cleaner than wiping with tissues right? Unfortunately its not practiced at coffee shops in KL.

Fish Maw Soup

& Sea Cucumber Soup are my favorite soup.

Stir Fry Midin is a must have vege without fail. My favorite vege!

Stir Fry Cangkuk Manis is also another must have vege!

Zhou Cai Hung Ngan with Pork Liver rocks!

Foochow Fried yellow noodles in soup

I also dropped by Bintagor town, which is just short distance from Sarikei for their so-called popular rojak. I find that the rojak taste has deteriorate. Also kinda pricey… If I’m not mistaken this plate of rojak was around RM8-RM10 for this kind of serving size.

Had a bowl of ABC on a hot sunny afternoon. But people here called it ‘Jalok’.

A stroll to the morning market is pretty interesting and knowledgeable when you actually able to see something new.

First time seeing these fruit. Claimed as ‘Local Lychee’. Not cheap though.

This is how kompia, the popular biscuit is made. Kompia is made with lard, onions, salt and flour. A ball of flour is stuffed with a filling of other desired ingredients and flattened with a rolling pin. It is then slapped onto the sides of a traditional home-made Chinese oven.

Some Foochow pastry sold in town.

Arthur also highly recommended this to me. The most expensive noodle I had in Sarikei. LOL! But with no regrets. Tom Yam Big Prawn Noodle for RM26.

Very rich and flavorful tom yam soup with fresh and sweet prawn flesh.

Not forgetting also to dine at Sarawak’s popular fast food franchise, Sugar Bun.

Mine was like a complete meal. Comes with spicy fried chicken, fish fillet, savory rice and pickled vege!

You can also satisfy your nasi lemak craving here at Sugar Bun.ย  Apart from fried chicken or sandwiches, they also serve asian dishes. Claypot dishes served with rice.

A day before going back to KL, I also dropped by Aik Seng Cafe for the popular Roti Kahwin. Charcoal toasted bun spread with butter, kaya and peanut butter.

We had Stir Fry Rice Cakes for dinner in a restaurant, the night before we return to KL.

Last but not least, save the best for the last. MIL’s Foochow Red Rice Wine Mee Suah before we return to KL. MIL also bought Sarikei’s chicken for us to bring home!

Yea…a trip with lotsa food and higher chances of gaining weight!

29 thoughts on “My recent Sarikei Food Trail”

  1. ooo, i’ve never been to sarikei, i think, and the food looks torturously good (especially since i didn’t manage to have lunch today!). i want one plate of the mee suah, one meaty kompiah, one kampua noodles, one fish maw soup, both the veggies, and the bowl with the pork liver! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I’ve yet to try the mochi with peanut butter filling and Nestum coating from Kim Hing Bakery and Confectionery myself…and also the charcoal toasted roti from Aik Seng! Must go to Sarikei again one of these days… Aiyor!!! Your hubby from Sarikei and yet, he has to depend on me to tell you of all these places kah? Hehehehehe!!!!!

    Wah!!! The mang ngee still very big there…and the lung ngor too. I always buy the made in Sarikei ones here – more old school, like the original. The Sibu ones, not to my liking.

    1. STP – *sigh*…he eat and eat also the same few places oni… =_=

      That was the first time I had ma ngee leh!! It reminds me of our ‘ma keok’ here in peninsular ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. They’re the same, I think. In Foochow, that means, horse’s ears…and the Cantonese name means horse’s hoof…if I’m not wrong.

    1. That’s a Kuching specialty, Ken. Loved it from way back in the 70’s. Can’t get any good ones here, dunno if the Sarikei ones are any better. Some are like wanton hor with just a little bit of tomato sauce added to the sauce – very nice. Ours here have too much tomato sauce, not the same…and the Kuching originals would have prawns, sotong and all, not here. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ If I had just one choice, I would rather have this instead of Penang char kway teow!

  3. Wah so many yummy foods . Am drooling now . Cham loh ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for sharing all the tempting foods Mel . The tomyam big prawns noodle tempted me .Look so delicious . kekekekeke

  4. Wah… I want to eat all of them too. I wonder how the local lychee taste like and I love Kompia. Foo chow food is so delicious I always like their food & cooking. Yummm….!!!

  5. Nice! We just missed each other by a hair, and I wanted to check out the asam tom yam big prawn noodles again too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Last time I went to Glory Cafe was in 2008, and it cost RM 14 then. I loved it and told anyone who would hear that they should drive down and eat this. Haha!

    It has almost doubled in price!

    Did you try Sugarbun’s fish fillet burger? It’s awesome coz there’s a coleslaw like topping on top – better than McDonald’s or any other fast food places. It used to be huge in Sarawak but they expanded too fast and then the other bigger fast food places took them out. I still have shares in Sugarbun.

    Very nice post Mel!

    1. Thanks Huai Bin ๐Ÿ™‚
      Wahhh…you have shares in Sugarbun?!! Great!
      Yeap…I did. I dapao the fish fillet burger from Sibu airport back KL. HAHA!
      Miss the Tom Yam Prawn Noodle now. Next round I’m gonna try their coconut pudding too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Haha! Yeah, but the shares are not worth much. It’s listed on the Second Board. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Nice! I’m glad you had the fish fillet! I wish I drove down to Glory Cafe too, next time perhaps!

    1. Constance Ant – You are right!! Its a small town… but I think now slowly developing. I can see more shops and more scattered houses. LOL!
      *whisper* I spent my time there; eat and sleep! :-p

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