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My recent Sarikei Food Trail

Undeniable that Sarikei, Sarawak is considered as my another home. In this peace and rather slow and steady town… it would be a stress free place to relax your mind.

Although most of the time my staying period were short, but I’ll try my best to fill my time with food. LOL! Especially Sarawak Foochow food which are difficult to get in KL. I do enjoy the food here. Guess most of my friends are gonna hate me for showing them something they couldn’t eat. Haha! Its like you can see but cannot eat. So torturing :-p

Below are just part of food I had. Because I decided to only share the ones that I like most.

Fried Mee Suah on the very first night.

Fried Mini Kompia with Minced Meat Filling. Aren’t they look like Pacman? 😀

Kuey Teow Tomato for supper, perhaps? 🙂

To satisfy my cravings…. Kampua for breakfast on the following day!

Followed by thinly sliced pork liver soup added some red rice wine.

Thanks to Arthur for informing me about this nice Mochi with Peanut Butter filling and Nestum coating from Kim Hing Bakery and Confectionery.

In every coffee shops before your food is served, this is how they place your cutlery. In a cup filled with hot warm. Guess its more cleaner than wiping with tissues right? Unfortunately its not practiced at coffee shops in KL.

Fish Maw Soup

& Sea Cucumber Soup are my favorite soup.

Stir Fry Midin is a must have vege without fail. My favorite vege!

Stir Fry Cangkuk Manis is also another must have vege!

Zhou Cai Hung Ngan with Pork Liver rocks!

Foochow Fried yellow noodles in soup

I also dropped by Bintagor town, which is just short distance from Sarikei for their so-called popular rojak. I find that the rojak taste has deteriorate. Also kinda pricey… If I’m not mistaken this plate of rojak was around RM8-RM10 for this kind of serving size.

Had a bowl of ABC on a hot sunny afternoon. But people here called it ‘Jalok’.

A stroll to the morning market is pretty interesting and knowledgeable when you actually able to see something new.

First time seeing these fruit. Claimed as ‘Local Lychee’. Not cheap though.

This is how kompia, the popular biscuit is made. Kompia is made with lard, onions, salt and flour. A ball of flour is stuffed with a filling of other desired ingredients and flattened with a rolling pin. It is then slapped onto the sides of a traditional home-made Chinese oven.

Some Foochow pastry sold in town.

Arthur also highly recommended this to me. The most expensive noodle I had in Sarikei. LOL! But with no regrets. Tom Yam Big Prawn Noodle for RM26.

Very rich and flavorful tom yam soup with fresh and sweet prawn flesh.

Not forgetting also to dine at Sarawak’s popular fast food franchise, Sugar Bun.

Mine was like a complete meal. Comes with spicy fried chicken, fish fillet, savory rice and pickled vege!

You can also satisfy your nasi lemak craving here at Sugar Bun.  Apart from fried chicken or sandwiches, they also serve asian dishes. Claypot dishes served with rice.

A day before going back to KL, I also dropped by Aik Seng Cafe for the popular Roti Kahwin. Charcoal toasted bun spread with butter, kaya and peanut butter.

We had Stir Fry Rice Cakes for dinner in a restaurant, the night before we return to KL.

Last but not least, save the best for the last. MIL’s Foochow Red Rice Wine Mee Suah before we return to KL. MIL also bought Sarikei’s chicken for us to bring home!

Yea…a trip with lotsa food and higher chances of gaining weight!

My Trip Back to Sarikei for CNY 2013

So fast CNY has over. But my mind still stuck in this festive season lar. Can’t CNY be 1 month? hehe….

HB and I often travel few days earlier before the CNY to avoid the crowd and also the expensive air fare.


While most of my friends were at work, I say goodbye to KL. Making many of them feel envious :-p soli lor….


We missed the cheap fare which fly directly to Sibu. Therefore we took the alternative way by going to Kuching then from there took another flight to Sibu in the late afternoon. Alex’s friend, Frankie who is in Kuching brought us here for the nice Sarawak Laksa. I also had a bowl of “Tian Miang Ngu” which look like our ‘min fun kou’ but they taste differently.


Frankie also brought us to this place selling lots of Kek Lapis (Sarawak Layer Cakes). Here, you can sample varieties of kek lapis for free. Very attractive isn’t it? But some are quite dry. I did not buy much, because Alex said MIL has ordered alot for the CNY. I still have those cakes in my fridge ler…next year kena tell MIL not to buy so much for us edi 😉


When I reached Sarikei, what I must eat the following day is the Kampua Noodle! I do know there some people in West Malaysia prefer Wantan Mee over this. For me…I think I like both of them also la..cos they are different!

600788_10151349251937740_1276457709_nAlso not forgetting the Kolok Mee. I will never miss having both of them!


Although Sarikei is famed for its pineapple, but I seldom eat. Too cooling for me. Trust me..the pineapples there are very sweet!


Other then pineapple, Sarikei is also famed for its pepper. Have you seen a real pepper plant? I meant before they were process. I often come back to buy their pepper. And I noticed each time I buy, the price also increased 😦


A day before eve of CNY, followed MIL to a CNY bazaar at Nyelong.


It was a wet CNY. Luckily the rain stopped while on our way to the bazaar and I noticed this rainbow. I feel joyful each time I sees a rainbow.

32157_10151351805947740_1589792264_nBeautiful orange sky at about 7pm.

526389_10151351442447740_487768349_nHave you ever seen this kind of dish served in a fast food outlet? can only get this from Sugarbun Sarawak! I also never fail patronizing this place whenever I return Sarikei. I seldom order the burger but will normally order the fried chicken with their special rice.


On one afternoon, we skipped lunch and felt hungry later. So, MIL steamed these plump and meaty ‘siew mai‘.


Family reunion dinner. Some of it are bought from restaurant and some are prepared at home. Too much of food, we couldn’t finish all.

485204_10151353701817740_620259095_nPeople were launching Kongming Deng (Sky Lantern).


It was like a fireworks competition on eve of CNY. Watched them for free. Unfortunately I sprained my knee when I was running back home when a firework at our neighborhood went haywire. *so dangerous* 😦

149489_10151354792332740_1452928158_nAs usual, we will go friends house visiting (pai nien) on first day of CNY, after having a bowl of mee suah.


Time flies…its time for me to return to my own hometown. I traveled back on 2nd day of CNY. Beautiful sky leading my way to Sibu airport.


Before traveling back…I want to have these for my breakfast! Kampua, pig’s liver soup and bien nuk! Will miss them for several months lu…

45309_10151367021377740_556057551_nMIL knows I like midin. She bought a few bunch for me (they are nicely wrapped in layers of newspaper) and that night we had stir fry midin (cooked with garlic, ginger & red rice wine) for dinner.

For more food photos and places in Sarikei, do refer to my previous post:-

Yummy Food I Had in Sarikei

Earlier I shared some photos on Sarikei, Sarawak. Now I would like to share some yummy food I had there. Never miss a chance to savor the local cuisine. Some West Malaysians may find that the food here do not suit their taste bud. But to me, I find it no problem at all. Hence I enjoyed tasting different types of food from different places. Apart from admiring scenery, best part about traveling is on FOOD!

Sarikei is popular for “Kam Pua noodles” (干拌面). There are 2 version. It can be either white or black. Black means addition of black soy sauce. The black version is commonly seen in Sarikei. You may say it looks like wantan mee. However the taste is different. Major ingredients are fried onions, shallots, lard, and red yeast wine that make it so unique. (Kampua from Full Tien Cafe, Jln Masjid Lama)

Kolok Mee; another noodle which I never fail to have one. Love visiting the same eatery for this kolok mee. You may be wondering what is the difference between the above 2 noodles. A blogger once explained to me that; “Kam pua noodles are also thicker and less curly than kolo mee. Kam pua’s ingredients are quite standard but kolo mee’s toppings varies from stall to stall.” (Kolok Mee from New Elfa, Bank Road)

Dabai Fruit, is a seasonal fruit. I’ve never seen it here in West Malaysia. The Sarawakian likes it very much. Unfortunately not really my liking.

Look here for more info:- DABAI FRUIT

Wild fern called “Midin” can easily get it here. It is grow wild in swamps or forests. Each bunch are price at from RM1-2. Its crunchy and best cooking method would be stir fry with belacan & dried shrimp or a simpler method with just chopped garlic and ginger with drench of red rice wine. I was told that it turn black pretty fast. Best consume on the same day after purchase. However I managed to bring a few bunch back here to KL.

Know more about Midin HERE

Stir Fried Midin with Red Rice Wine – my favorite!

“Bien Nuik”(扁肉): The local version of the “wan tan” or dumpling stuffed with minced meat. (from Chin San Cafe, Jalan Masjib Lama)

Fried Kuey Teow with Tomato. Similar to “Wat Tan Hor” but taste slightly different.

Mee Goreng with Beef (from Aik Seng Cafe, Wharf Road)

Pig’s Liver Soup. Best accompanied with a bowl of noodle. The pig’s liver were not overcooked. Therefore it has a nice texture. (from Full Tien Cafe, Jln Masjid Lama)

“Zhou Cai Hung Ngan” (糟菜粉干): Preserved mustard cooked with rice noodles soup.

Sarawak Laksa. Usually uses rice vermicelli noodle. It has a base of  Sambal belacan, sour tamarind, garlic, galangal, lemon grass and coconut milk, topped with omelette strips, chicken strips, prawns, fresh coriander and local lime. Ingredients such as bean sprouts, (sliced) fried tofu or other seafood are sometimes added.(from Aik Seng Cafe, Wharf Road)

Sarawak Laksa (from another shop) – (near JPJ)

Roti Kahwin. A charcoal grilled bun sandwiched with creamy peanut butter, a slice of butter & spread of fragrant coconut jam(kaya). (from Aik Seng, Wharf Road)

Stir Fried Rice Cakes with minced pork and leek (from Lucky Restaurant, Jalan Nyelong, opposite Nyelong River market)

“Tian Miang Ngu”(鼎边糊): The rice slices soup, cooks cooked around the rim of the wok. Added with mu er (black fungus), minced pork balls and cuttlefish (octopus)slices. Best served with pepper, similar as Taiwan’s 鼎邊銼. The soup stock is made using pork bones and dried squid.(kinda look like min fun kou) – (near JPJ)

Prawn Mee (from Peking Restaurant, Jakar Town). Priced at RM20/bowl. A very expensive prawn mee. However it was very delicious. Using yellow egg noodle, with tasty and fres big head prawn makes a superb soup.

Famous Rojak from Bintangor.

Last but not least, Mother in Law’s yummy Red Rice Wine Mee Suah. Mee Suah or they called as longevity noodle(due to the long strand), commonly eaten here during auspicious day. Example; Chinese New Year, Wedding, Birthday. Its usually practiced by Hokkiens and Fuzhounese.