Breastmilk Jewelry by Woodie Pie

People often discussed how is your milk supply. But many may not know the struggle of every new mothers trying to catch up with milk supply. Although there were lots of ups and downs during my entire breastfeeding journey, I considered myself lucky because Jet is not a big drinker. I pump during working hours and direct latch whenever I’m with Jet. Nevertheless it was a memorable journey.

Frozen breastmilk in a normal freezer can only keep for maximum 6 months. Read more about breastmilk storage and handling HERE

Therefore what can you do with these excess or expired breastmilk? When Jet was a toddler, I uses the expired breastmilk to bath him. Then later I send to people who does breastmilk soap. However I wanted something for keepsake or as a remembrance to preserve the memories.

I stumbled upon Woodie Pie, founded by both humble sisters Heidi & Cassandra who able to turn these precious liquid into beautiful jewelries. I assumed this is still new in Malaysia.

Before engaging Woodie Pie, I google a little about Breastmilk Jewelry Kit, which you can actually DIY yourself. But after looking at the procedures, it is so much hassle. Therefore I decided to send my breastmilk to Woodie Pie, to get it done by them. LOL!

Wide range of jewelries are available, not just filled with breastmilk. Some are filled with baby hair, umbilical cord and even tooth.

Check out the video showing process of making breastmilk jewelry.

As a first timer, I chose pendants with necklace. Actually I was having a hard time to decide. 😀

My orders were labeled and packed individually. The entire process from posting my breastmilk till I received the final product, duration was about 1 month.

You may want to check out their on-going offer to pick your favorite piece 🙂

These pendant designs are ideal for daily wear. I really love it. I’m feeling proud to mark my breastfeeding journey. Diamonds are women best friend and so does these precious jewelry made from liquid gold.

For more information please drop by

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