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I wish to have a dog at home.

I wish to have a pet at my home.

I love dogs especially.

I wish to have a dog at home.

I wish to go home greeted by him, wagging its tail vigorously with hugs and kisses.

Waited eagerly for the owner to come home.

Dogs are very loyal especially towards their owner. Unlike some human betrays each other.


Photos like this made me feel like adopting one. Look! They are pedigree dogs. Why would someone abandoned such nice dogs? Often situations are the owner bought it for the sake to please their children. So when their children are bored with the dog…then they’ll just abandon it. Other excuses are “I can’t afford to rear the dog” I may not know the true story behind..but common..you can afford to buy the dog, but to can’t afford to give at least a simple living? Some just decided to gave up the dog when it has skin problem. Don’t you think that skin problem occurs depending on what you feed on them? All the above apply to cats as well. The most heart wrenching is they are abused by their owner. Hello….they are living being also! I can see their sadness through their eyes and face expressions..they felt disowned.

What hold me back from adopting one. I really wish I could. But before I press the “Start” button…I told myself..I often travel between 2 states, do I have the time for my dog? I’ll be away to work longer hours than I’m at home. What if someday I have my own family…will I neglect my dog? That’s what I often see these days. They do have feelings too. And do you know…dogs are sometimes smarter than human! No doubt they can’t talk, but they do understand what we are expressing. Never mind…I can’t have a dog at my own house…but over the weekend I can still spend time with my dearie doggies at my parent’s house.


Quite true isn’t it?

Do check out Malaysia’s SPCA and MDDBAnd if you are kind enough, why not do some donation, a small contribution to help the dogs and cats.