Thumbs up to Ip Man 2

Just watched Ip Man 2 from TGV, Jusco Seremban. Luckily Alex managed to grab the hot selling tickets. As usual, getting ready with my chips & soft drinks, but this time I had popcorn instead =p.

I recalled Ip Man 1 was screened last year 2009. I was totally amazed with it….

Nevertheless Ip Man 2 indeed a good one as well! I did not expect it to be much better than the first one (Ip Man 1)…. I was totally amazed again this time. A movie with nice story line and filled with touchy moments & humor. May be because they added more good actors e.g: Sammo Hung & kent Cheng.

Donnie Yen held the role of ‘Ip Man’ pretty well.Honestly I do really admire the HK actors with real kungfu moves.Besides Donnie Yen; the second actor will be Jet Li. Besides watching the amazing kungfu moves, the part which inspired me the most was how he try to defend the chinese kungfu ‘weng chun‘ and there’s a sentence he mentioned really touched me as well. The sentence was something like this: “the glory does not prove that the chinese kungfu is much stronger, but what I want to share here is that we all human are with different personality & culture, therefore we must try to respect each of it. (erm…..i think its not the exact sentence larr…but it meant something like this lor…hehe).

~Do check it out, you will never regret watching it. AWESOME SHOW!!!

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