MY TM Blockbuster

My FM is having roadshows over several states; collaborating with TM. This week, on 23rd May, they had it in Jusco Seremban 2. Alex and I were quite curious about it, so we decided to go over there. The event begun at 2pm. We reached there at around 1.45pm, saw the long queue of car entering the parking bays of the mall. Worried we might end up rounding the mall to get our car parked, without any hesitation we parked our at the open area just opposite the mall. Though I brought my camera along, I did not manage to take many photos, because it was quite crowded. Moreover I did not stay back until the end of the event. They had several games for the audience to participate and of cos there were prizes for the winner. Then it continued with some performance by the guest singer and so on.

The present My FM DJs were Gan Mei Yan, Royce Tan, Jason and Jim.There’s a singer here named Will Ng 黄威尔 . Here are some snapshots of it.

from left: Jason, Jim, Mei Yan, Royce

game for the audience to participate

Mei Yan & Jim

Will Ng 黄威尔

haha…took this shot from a fella standing in front of me

check out the crowd

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