KOREA ~ Day 1 (Seagull Cruise, Nami Island, Chuncheon Myeongdong)

*wondering how should I put them all in better sentences or how should I start it*

Perhaps I should just put them in the simplest sentence.


Our departing flight(Korea Airway) was scheduled at 11.25pm on 27 May 2010. The journey took 6 hours and 30 minutes. We were called to have out breakfast in plane at around 5am. Can you imagine how early that was. Did not sleep much also. Arrived in Incheon Airport at 7.05am (Korea time). Our time here would be 6.05am (Malaysia time).

It was a combined tour between Golden Deluxe Travel & Malaysian Harmony Tour.

Hooped into our tour bus and the first destination we headed was to the Seagull Cruise. Around 30 minutes drive from Incheon Airport. During cruise you can see really alot of seagull approaching it. The seagulls knew there will be food for them; because normally when there’s a ferry or boat; people will feed them.


After the short cruise (approximate 10-15 minutes), then back to the bus and head over to our lunch. Again traveled for about 1+ hours. Had stir-fry chicken and cabbage served with some side dishes (kimchi, seaweed soup, some pickles). You may add in rice and chili paste to stir-fry them with the chicken as well. The Korean will normally consume it wrapped in a salad.

cabbages & chicken meat

kimchi & seaweed soup

mom doing the stir-frying

closer view

taken in front of the restaurant

hubby & I

Have you watched the popular Korean drama series “Winter Sonata”??

YES! We headed over to Nami Island after the satisfying lunch. Nami Island is one of the shooting place for Winter Sonata. To get yourself to the island; you need to sit ferry for about 10 minutes. Its a really nice place for family outing. I think it would be much nicer during winter and autumn.

the shape of the island

the entrance to the ferry ride


a rock with poem by General Nami

check out the trees

beautiful flowers

you may rent this tricycle

lovey dovey

I should have pose exactly the same as the couple on the background lar

spotted this cute squirrel on the tree

From there we went over to Chuncheon Myeongdong for shopping!! But we were given so short time only.sigh*

shops in Chuncheon Myeongdong

looks like ‘kai tan kou’

don’t know what fruits are these. but the fruits over there are very expensive.

the main junction of Chuncheon Myeongdong

Proceed to our dinner. Had BBQ or grilled chicken. We gotto grill it all ourselves. Again, its served with some side dishes. You may see every Korean Restaurant also serve side dishes to complete the whole meal. The side dishes normally are “kimchi, anchovies, seaweed, bean sprouts, fish cake”. Those are the common ones.

dinner at this restaurant

the displayed dishes on our table

grilled lean chicken meat

side dishes row 1: bean sprout, sliced seaweed, fish cake

side dishes row 2: mixed vege with mayo, cabbage kimchi, pickled cucumber

Check in to the hotel in Mt. Sorak. Name of the Hotel is SEORAK PINE RESORT.

The hotel has a mini mart on the lower ground floor. Very convenient.

the building of the resort

the bathroom

the mini kitchen & dining area

the living hall. We decided to lay our tatami over here instead of the small room.

During cold weather, the room are not provided with air-cond. Just use the natural cold air outside the room. The flooring are filled with heater. Don’t ask me how it function.

using the kitchen, we had our instant korean noodles cooked & served as supper.

4 thoughts on “KOREA ~ Day 1 (Seagull Cruise, Nami Island, Chuncheon Myeongdong)”

  1. Next to the mini mart got karaoke room. Price for 2 hours karaoke is KRW20000. Got a lot of english song u can choose.

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