Saturday Workout

I woke up at 9am, suppose to get myself ready to go kai kai…but it was raining heavily outside. Since it was raining heavily, then I thought, may be I should continue to laze on my bed, guling guling first.hehehe….

Therefore I woke up at 10am, got myself ready, as usual, took bath, do coloring on my face, put on a nice outfit, etc… ^_^

We departed from Seremban and reached Sunway Pyramid at around 12pm.

Alex and I were quite hungry by that time. Alex suggested to have lunch in a Hong Kong styled food in a restaurant. However he doesn’t know what is the english name of the restaurant. He kept telling me its called; “siang kang chou mian”. duh….mana lah saya tau what restaurant is that. Then we walked around the mall just to find the restaurant. Before that; I spotted ‘Body Shop’ and its having sales. Members are entitled for an additional 10% off the discounted price. The kiasu me sure go grab something first so that I don’t need to return to the shop ma.hehe….Then, the restaurant hunting continued again~~~~ Ahh Harrr…there goes, Alex spotted an advertising board showing the food that he is aiming for…walau..itu siang kang chou mian is actually “CANTON-I” larr….dear hubby, next time please remember the english name instead ba….. :-p

To my surprise; the food is quite good actually. We ordered shrimp dumpling wantan mee, century egg with shredded meat congee/porridge and bbq meat chee cheong fun. The congee is real good lor…very tasty and smooth! Walk walk kejap..then Alex will be leaving me there, because he need to attend a meeting. sob sob….

Nah…not sad either….because Wanyi was so nice. She offered to accompany me after knowing that I will be alone in the mall while waiting for Alex. At 2pm, Wanyi took shift with Alex to shop with me.hehe….touchy touchy =p (thank kiu arr Ms. Wanyi).
Ashley wanted to come along too, after she saw my post on my facebook status. However its difficult for her, because its quite far from her house. Some other time yea, Ashley =)

Wanyi and I spent few hours in the mall, did some window shopping, tried out some clothes and the best part was makan! We had ice cream, after ice cream; we head over ‘My Honeymoon’ for dessert.
(sorry pals, I got no photos of nice food to show you all. Because somebody hor…is so careless,eventually brought a camera to the mall without its heart(battery) with it. That ‘somebody’ here arrr…its me larr!! muahahaha….

I leave the mall at 5.30pm when Alex came pick me up to get ready for another round.~to attend his colleague’s wedding.

fragrance bought from ‘Body Shop’

2 thoughts on “Saturday Workout”

  1. that somebody hoh… really pandai lor…. bring eyes and body out but didn’t bring the HEART…. wuahahahahhaa…..
    eeee…. can’t wait to go out with you again leh… hehehe…

  2. ah ashhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    hahaha…yealo…’somebody somebody’ horrrr…..
    next time must rmbr….whenever charge a battery must place it back into its body lor….don’t worry…time flies de…very soon we can arrange for one…hor…hor… ^_^

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