KOREA ~ Day 4 (Blue House, Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum, Ginseng & Amethyst Outlet, Ice Gallery, Myeongdong)

Today’s schedule was quite packed. As usual, morning breakfast. But this time wasn’t from the hotel. Its away from the hotel. Korean buffet style breakfast.


the restaurant

the selection of food

my plate of food

After the not so nice breakfast, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Folk Museum . Both are located in the same area. Before entering the palace and museum, we passed the Blue House ; the presidential residence of Korea.

Alex, myself, mom & bro

Blue House


the security guard

National Folk Museum- learn about the lifestyle of the people from prehistoric to present times.







Gyeongbokgung Palace – built in 1394, the main palace by the first king of Yi Dynasty.

the dragons are made of gold


From there; we went for our lunch. This round was bebimbap. Rice with some side dishes and an egg on top of it. Served with a hotpot and other side dishes.



Next destination; Ice Gallery. We were given a square ice block and were taught to carve an ice glass. You gotto carve it based on your creativity. The top 3 best cup/glass will be chosen as winner. Got medal wan you know…don’t play play…Unfortunately I did not win it 😦 *sigh* may be because my creativity started to rust already. well…just had fun out it. After the ice craving, we proceed to the ice gallery. Here you can see they carved the huge ice blocks into beautiful sculpture. Ohh yea, they do provide us with winter jacket before entering the gallery.



Alex’s ice block


demo by the instructor

drinking the refreshing drink from my mug

our creations

choose a red jacket for myself before entering the gallery



After the ice gallery, we headed over to Ginseng Outlet & then to Amethyst Outlet.

lotsa ginseng


Last stop for the day was to Myeongdong. I can say this place is really a shopping heaven!! You can get a lot of stuff over here. From food to clothes, shoes, accessories, skincare/cosmetics (A LOT!!) and bags. *not enough time for me to shop again* 😦

the shopping heaven!

sausage roll in salad plus mayonaise wrapped popiah skin = 3000 won


chicken kebab = 3000 won

sausages = 2000 won


After the hasil lumayan we went for our dinner. Can’t remember what steamboat that was. Lets see from the photo below.


the side dishes; seaweed, fermented beans, kimchi, anchovies

combination of sausages, ham, minced meat, dried noodles, tofu


These are all the drink I’ve bought on day 4.

our supper

closer view of the sausage. the white color is rice cake. = 2000 won/ stick

16 thoughts on “KOREA ~ Day 4 (Blue House, Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum, Ginseng & Amethyst Outlet, Ice Gallery, Myeongdong)”

  1. hi melissa, i’m found ur blog during my research for my future tour to KOREA.are u and ur family going by ur own or by package?

  2. thank melissa for replying me back..hehehe
    i have another question, can u tell me places of attraction that a must to visit? so that i can put in my schedule..

    1. hi najwa;

      are you traveling on your own?? and how many days will you be there? well…my iternaries are normally would b about the same as many tour agencies. However it depends on your interest too… I personally likes Nami Island(shooting place for Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’, Mt. Sorak National Park(can experience the cable car), Teddy Bear Farm, Daepuhang Fish Market(can eat fresh seafood), Myeongdong(shopping), Sinchon Street(shopping). If you like theme parks, Yongin Everland is not bad…

      I was there for just 5 days..therefore we did not cover Jeju Island (which you need to take an hour flight from Incheon). I guess that place is also nice.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    was browsing through your korean trip, do you know where is Amethyst Outlet located at? I also find it interesting the Ice gallery, how much would it cost?
    Hope to hear from you soon (o^__^o)

    1. Hi Hannah;

      I tried to get u an answer on the admission fee to ice gallery. I stumbled upon this blog and it mentioned 7,000 KRW.
      Well, about the amethyst outlet, I also have no idea on the exact location. Only know that its at Seoul 😉
      Anyway…will try my best to c if i can get it thru google.

      1. Thanks a lot Melissa for your reply =). What I have found is Sub Zero Ice Bar admission fee 15,000 KRW. So am wondering you went to the ice gallery will it be the same place?? Cause the website on Sub Zero ice bar also have statues etc..hehehe..

  4. Hi Melissa, thanks for clarifying =). Do you think you would recommend your friends or me to go to the ice gallery?? Hehe..as I am planning the trip for next mth..

    1. Hannah – Hmm…. If for the price paid 7000 KRW…yes..I will go. Well, you gotto c your route as too..Whether the place is convenient to you or not. Ph ya….bout the Amethyst Outlet, I can’t get the address…but this is the one I went to. —-> Amethyst Factory
      Hope you enjoy your holidays & happy planing! 🙂

  5. Thanks a lot melissa =). Really you help me in planning my trip =). Maybe one late question, you went to Everland, is it a must to wear cover shoe??

    1. Hannah; erm…preferable cover shoe but definitely not slippers..because I don’t think you want ur slipper to fall off when you are on roller coaster ride or anything similar…hehehe

  6. My ittenary not include ice gallery. When i saw ur photo, i also find it interesting place. My ittenary include “Dami Amethyst” (amethyst factory).

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