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Hasil Tangkapan from Korea

Here are all the goodies I bought from Korea.

The currency exchange during that period was RM3 for 1000 won. Check it out:-

bling bling hairbands. left = 5000 won; right = 10000 won. Bought from Chuncheon Myeongdong. Here selling more expensive. I saw from Vincci,almost RM40 each.

assorted candies from road side trader.

hubby bought this for me. its from teddy bear farm. price= 15,000 won

all these are from “Everland”. (from left-clockwise); sleeping bunny pouch= 8000 won, gummies=forgotten the price.sorry, Everland mascots pens = 4000 won for 2.

shirt = 20,000 won (from Doangdaemun)

cardigan = 30,000 won. I LOVE THIS VERY MUCH!(from Doangdaemun)

top = 10,000 won (from Doangdaemun)

1 set = 10,000 won.*but the material not the good one* (from Doangdaemun)

hubby bought this for me. price = 5000 won. (from Doangdaemun)

korean costumed figurine magnets = 13,000 won for 10 pc.

bookmark = 1000 won each

packed seaweed. each small packed weight = 4g/ 8 pc of seaweed. price = 10,000 won.

1 big pack consist of 18 small packs. abit expensive I felt. (from Myeongdong)

skincare from “The Face Shop”

(from left) Aqua Essence = 30,000 won, Bubble Massage Cleanser(very effective in removing dirts & make up) = 25,000 won, Peeling Gel(very good in removing dead skin) = 30,000 won, BB Cream = 30,000 won (if I’m not mistaken).

cute socks= 1000 won each. (from Myeongdong)

assorted trendy earrings = 1000 won per pair (from Myeongdong)

bag (from Sinchon Street) = 10,000 won

floral chiffon dress = 12,000 won (from Sinchon Street)

for my collection = 1000 won each

KOREA ~ Day 5 (Herb Outlet, Sinchon Street, Local Product Shop)

Basically nothing much on Day 5. Because leaving Korea…..sob sob. *when can i come again??*

snapshot with Ms.Teddy before packing her into my luggage

Nice breakfast for Day 5 actually. The food tasted good!

After the breakfast, we were brought to a herb shop. Some kind of herbs to nourish our liver.

herb shop

spotted Malaysia’s flag there. I think may b because many tourist went there.

While on our way; I came across some houses which are built layers on hills. These reminds me of the houses in Jiufen, Taiwan.

Then, we headed over to Sinchon Street. Its located around the universities area.

hubby managed to snap some photos of the clothes

Here, you can do your last minute shopping again. To my surprise, the prices here are cheaper compared to Dongdaemun!! Managed to grab something from here too… ngek ngek ngek…

Our lunch for day 5; Grill/ BBQ Pork. Hmm…quite nice too!

our dishes

seaweed soup & salad for wrapping

grill grill

Therefore our last stop before catching our flight at 4.30pm, we were brought to a local product shop. Its located near to Incheon Airport. Here you can also get your last minute purchase; i.e: souvenirs, local snacks, local delicacies, seaweed & etc. If you’ve purchase above 30 000 won; they will pack them in a nice box. Easier for check-in luggage.

checking in our luggage

hb’s plane meal. chicken set

my plane’s dinner set. choice of seafood

ice cream as dessert


~Do not rush to make any purchase of souvenirs. Because you can easily get them on almost every stops if you are traveling by tour.

~If you wish to buy clothes, I would suggest Sinchon Street. good deals! You may compare the price, as I will post the clothes I bought on the next post.

~For snacks or sliced fruits; if you think RM3 is expensive, then you got no choice. Because that is the minimal price for each.

~Skincare are in wide range there. They are generous in giving out freebies/samples.

~Take note that fruits are expensive there.

KOREA ~ Day 4 (Blue House, Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum, Ginseng & Amethyst Outlet, Ice Gallery, Myeongdong)

Today’s schedule was quite packed. As usual, morning breakfast. But this time wasn’t from the hotel. Its away from the hotel. Korean buffet style breakfast.


the restaurant

the selection of food

my plate of food

After the not so nice breakfast, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Folk Museum . Both are located in the same area. Before entering the palace and museum, we passed the Blue House ; the presidential residence of Korea.

Alex, myself, mom & bro

Blue House


the security guard

National Folk Museum- learn about the lifestyle of the people from prehistoric to present times.







Gyeongbokgung Palace – built in 1394, the main palace by the first king of Yi Dynasty.

the dragons are made of gold


From there; we went for our lunch. This round was bebimbap. Rice with some side dishes and an egg on top of it. Served with a hotpot and other side dishes.



Next destination; Ice Gallery. We were given a square ice block and were taught to carve an ice glass. You gotto carve it based on your creativity. The top 3 best cup/glass will be chosen as winner. Got medal wan you know…don’t play play…Unfortunately I did not win it 😦 *sigh* may be because my creativity started to rust already. well…just had fun out it. After the ice craving, we proceed to the ice gallery. Here you can see they carved the huge ice blocks into beautiful sculpture. Ohh yea, they do provide us with winter jacket before entering the gallery.



Alex’s ice block


demo by the instructor

drinking the refreshing drink from my mug

our creations

choose a red jacket for myself before entering the gallery



After the ice gallery, we headed over to Ginseng Outlet & then to Amethyst Outlet.

lotsa ginseng


Last stop for the day was to Myeongdong. I can say this place is really a shopping heaven!! You can get a lot of stuff over here. From food to clothes, shoes, accessories, skincare/cosmetics (A LOT!!) and bags. *not enough time for me to shop again* 😦

the shopping heaven!

sausage roll in salad plus mayonaise wrapped popiah skin = 3000 won


chicken kebab = 3000 won

sausages = 2000 won


After the hasil lumayan we went for our dinner. Can’t remember what steamboat that was. Lets see from the photo below.


the side dishes; seaweed, fermented beans, kimchi, anchovies

combination of sausages, ham, minced meat, dried noodles, tofu


These are all the drink I’ve bought on day 4.

our supper

closer view of the sausage. the white color is rice cake. = 2000 won/ stick

KOREA ~ Day 3 (Yongin Everland, Dongdaemun Market)

Breakfast begun at 7am. Prepared by the resort. It was a buffet style breakfast. Quite wide range of food. Unfortunately we were only given 30 minutes to have our breakfast. Ain’t it sounds rushing. I couldn’t get to enjoy it also. *sigh* Need to have a quick breakfast because from the resort to Yongin Everland took 2 hours. (Slept all the way till the next destination). Hahahaha….sleepy ma… :-p

winter sonata cafe

It was Sunday which is a weekend. Therefore you may expect the overwhelming crowd over there. We reached Yongin Everland around 10+am and were only given 5 hours to spend our time in that theme park. From the bus parking area, there’s shuttle bus service provided; to send us to the main entrance. Luckily the time interval between the buses were short. The queue for all rides are SO LONG! Did not try any rides at all. Able to book our group tickets to the safari. Well..not bad actually, but the safari ride was just too short.hehe…Had our lunch there as well. Did some shopping from the shops there.

check out the crowd

beautiful tree

roller coaster view 1

roller coaster full view

cable car ride

stage performance

popcorn which smells nice but tasted so so only = 3000 won

assorted hairbands

our lunch; popcorn chicken, korean rice cake

assorted fish cake in soup

white tigers from safari

assorted candies from the candy shop.

merry go round

Then, we headed to kimchi school. We were introduced to different types of kimchi and were taught how to make kimchi. (the common ones-using cabbage). Each person will be given a set of; cabbage, chili paste,apron and gloves. After getting it done, you may either bring it back to eat or just leave it there and they will bring it over to the orphanage homes. Apart from that, we were given opportunity to wear HANBOK and take a photo of it. (you may make your kimchi purchase here. each packet weight 1kg, priced at 11000 won, buy 5 free 1. they will send it over to the airport on the day you are leaving Korea)

before start

tadaa…my result

Mel in Hanbok

After that, we went for our dinner. “Chicken in Ginseng Soup”. This is special and nice! You may add in mee suah into the hot soup. The chicken is stuffed with rice. Its really nice to consume it during the cold weather. Because its warm and the stone bowl can maintain the warmness of the soup.

mee suah & kimchi

stuffed chicken in ginseng soup

Burrrppp….Oppss…sorry. Next destination was to Dongdaemun Market. They claimed that its a wholesale shopping mall. You can really get lotsa fashioned clothing here. And they are mostly ‘made in korea‘. But; I would say this area are more on female clothing. I think around 80%. Grabbed some clothes & down to the street to get some snacks while waiting for the rest.

shops in Dongdaemun

snacks across the road

fried fries + bread + sausage = 3000 won

grilled cuttlefish = 5000 won

After a tiring day, its time to return to the next hotel. Check-in to CAPITOL HOTEL. Just a drive of 10-15 minutes. We stayed in the same hotel for 2 nights. Yeah…no need to pindah rumah already. :-p The hotel was fine. The hotel has some convenient stores just across the road.

our beds

the dressing table & television

the bathroom

our supper for day 3

KOREA ~ Day 2 (Mt. Sorak National Park, Teddy Bear Farm, Daepuhang Fish Market)

Woke up quite early. We were told to have our breakfast in hotel lobby at 7.30am(Korea time). It was a continental breakfast (omelette, sausage and bread). After breakfast, pack up(pindah rumah) headed over to Mt. Sorak National Park, one of the most beautiful national park in Korea. (less than 1 hour). Viewed the sitting Buddha, then proceed to Gweonguemseong by Cable car ride. Luckily the weather was fine. Otherwise we won’t be able to use the cable car.


beautiful flowers


check out the steep cable car ride

potato snack sold there

duno what bugs.can be eat. they claimed that its high in protein




cable car to opposite mountain

view from inside of the cable car

these are yummy

so thick fog



spotted some cute squirrel


After the tiring mount climbing, its time to refill our stomach. Had tofu steamboat for lunch.


the restaurant

the side dishes


tofu steamboat

After filling up our stomach, we proceed to Teddy Bear Farm which is quite near actually. For teddy bear lovers, I’m pretty sure you would love the place! It displays assorted teddy bears and some even dressed in traditional costume. I was pretty impressed! Despite that, there are assorted teddy bears are for sale. Couldn’t resist the cuteness, I get Alex to buy me one! Yeah… family member in my room.



the wedding bear

the party bears


Next destination was Daepuhang Fish Market. Over here you can get many types of fresh & live seafood. All the stall en-queued the whole street. Some of it I’ve not even seen before! You may pick your choice of seafood and get the seller to cook it for you. You may either consume it raw(sashimi) or grill.Besides the live & fresh ones; you can also purchase the dried ones from the shops along the street.


the so-called tempura ain’t nice. because they did not remove the prawn’s shell.




huge squids

long-leg crabs

duno what sea creature. but it looks geli

it looks more like fruit to me

fresh scallops

assorted fishes

pan fried stuffed squids & grilled scallops for 20000 won

1 bottle of coke cost 1000 won

yummy yummy

Daepuhang Fish Market

Continued our journey for the next pit-stop. What’s next? DINNER!! Sorry pals….vacations are normally eat, sleep & shop.hehehe…..What’s for dinner today? What’s cooking Azuma? (auntie in Korea language). Azuma said; *Mushroom Steamboat* worr….huh..steamboat for 2 consecutive meals?? Whatever larr…as long as it tasted nice to me. :-p (I did not eat much wor….as my previous snack from fish market still there in my stomach neh).


mushroom steamboat with side dishes

closer view

After our meals, we traveled to our next hotel. This time would be YONGPYONG RESORT. I would say its the best hotel/room for the entire trip. The hotel has a big convenient store located on the ground floor. Besides that; they also have a huge skiing area. You can actually ski there during winter.


the room

the living hall

the kitchen & walkway

the bathroom

KOREA ~ Day 1 (Seagull Cruise, Nami Island, Chuncheon Myeongdong)

*wondering how should I put them all in better sentences or how should I start it*

Perhaps I should just put them in the simplest sentence.


Our departing flight(Korea Airway) was scheduled at 11.25pm on 27 May 2010. The journey took 6 hours and 30 minutes. We were called to have out breakfast in plane at around 5am. Can you imagine how early that was. Did not sleep much also. Arrived in Incheon Airport at 7.05am (Korea time). Our time here would be 6.05am (Malaysia time).

It was a combined tour between Golden Deluxe Travel & Malaysian Harmony Tour.

Hooped into our tour bus and the first destination we headed was to the Seagull Cruise. Around 30 minutes drive from Incheon Airport. During cruise you can see really alot of seagull approaching it. The seagulls knew there will be food for them; because normally when there’s a ferry or boat; people will feed them.


After the short cruise (approximate 10-15 minutes), then back to the bus and head over to our lunch. Again traveled for about 1+ hours. Had stir-fry chicken and cabbage served with some side dishes (kimchi, seaweed soup, some pickles). You may add in rice and chili paste to stir-fry them with the chicken as well. The Korean will normally consume it wrapped in a salad.

cabbages & chicken meat

kimchi & seaweed soup

mom doing the stir-frying

closer view

taken in front of the restaurant

hubby & I

Have you watched the popular Korean drama series “Winter Sonata”??

YES! We headed over to Nami Island after the satisfying lunch. Nami Island is one of the shooting place for Winter Sonata. To get yourself to the island; you need to sit ferry for about 10 minutes. Its a really nice place for family outing. I think it would be much nicer during winter and autumn.

the shape of the island

the entrance to the ferry ride


a rock with poem by General Nami

check out the trees

beautiful flowers

you may rent this tricycle

lovey dovey

I should have pose exactly the same as the couple on the background lar

spotted this cute squirrel on the tree

From there we went over to Chuncheon Myeongdong for shopping!! But we were given so short time only.sigh*

shops in Chuncheon Myeongdong

looks like ‘kai tan kou’

don’t know what fruits are these. but the fruits over there are very expensive.

the main junction of Chuncheon Myeongdong

Proceed to our dinner. Had BBQ or grilled chicken. We gotto grill it all ourselves. Again, its served with some side dishes. You may see every Korean Restaurant also serve side dishes to complete the whole meal. The side dishes normally are “kimchi, anchovies, seaweed, bean sprouts, fish cake”. Those are the common ones.

dinner at this restaurant

the displayed dishes on our table

grilled lean chicken meat

side dishes row 1: bean sprout, sliced seaweed, fish cake

side dishes row 2: mixed vege with mayo, cabbage kimchi, pickled cucumber

Check in to the hotel in Mt. Sorak. Name of the Hotel is SEORAK PINE RESORT.

The hotel has a mini mart on the lower ground floor. Very convenient.

the building of the resort

the bathroom

the mini kitchen & dining area

the living hall. We decided to lay our tatami over here instead of the small room.

During cold weather, the room are not provided with air-cond. Just use the natural cold air outside the room. The flooring are filled with heater. Don’t ask me how it function.

using the kitchen, we had our instant korean noodles cooked & served as supper.