KOREA ~ Day 3 (Yongin Everland, Dongdaemun Market)

Breakfast begun at 7am. Prepared by the resort. It was a buffet style breakfast. Quite wide range of food. Unfortunately we were only given 30 minutes to have our breakfast. Ain’t it sounds rushing. I couldn’t get to enjoy it also. *sigh* Need to have a quick breakfast because from the resort to Yongin Everland took 2 hours. (Slept all the way till the next destination). Hahahaha….sleepy ma… :-p

winter sonata cafe

It was Sunday which is a weekend. Therefore you may expect the overwhelming crowd over there. We reached Yongin Everland around 10+am and were only given 5 hours to spend our time in that theme park. From the bus parking area, there’s shuttle bus service provided; to send us to the main entrance. Luckily the time interval between the buses were short. The queue for all rides are SO LONG! Did not try any rides at all. Able to book our group tickets to the safari. Well..not bad actually, but the safari ride was just too short.hehe…Had our lunch there as well. Did some shopping from the shops there.

check out the crowd

beautiful tree

roller coaster view 1

roller coaster full view

cable car ride

stage performance

popcorn which smells nice but tasted so so only = 3000 won

assorted hairbands

our lunch; popcorn chicken, korean rice cake

assorted fish cake in soup

white tigers from safari

assorted candies from the candy shop.

merry go round

Then, we headed to kimchi school. We were introduced to different types of kimchi and were taught how to make kimchi. (the common ones-using cabbage). Each person will be given a set of; cabbage, chili paste,apron and gloves. After getting it done, you may either bring it back to eat or just leave it there and they will bring it over to the orphanage homes. Apart from that, we were given opportunity to wear HANBOK and take a photo of it. (you may make your kimchi purchase here. each packet weight 1kg, priced at 11000 won, buy 5 free 1. they will send it over to the airport on the day you are leaving Korea)

before start

tadaa…my result

Mel in Hanbok

After that, we went for our dinner. “Chicken in Ginseng Soup”. This is special and nice! You may add in mee suah into the hot soup. The chicken is stuffed with rice. Its really nice to consume it during the cold weather. Because its warm and the stone bowl can maintain the warmness of the soup.

mee suah & kimchi

stuffed chicken in ginseng soup

Burrrppp….Oppss…sorry. Next destination was to Dongdaemun Market. They claimed that its a wholesale shopping mall. You can really get lotsa fashioned clothing here. And they are mostly ‘made in korea‘. But; I would say this area are more on female clothing. I think around 80%. Grabbed some clothes & down to the street to get some snacks while waiting for the rest.

shops in Dongdaemun

snacks across the road

fried fries + bread + sausage = 3000 won

grilled cuttlefish = 5000 won

After a tiring day, its time to return to the next hotel. Check-in to CAPITOL HOTEL. Just a drive of 10-15 minutes. We stayed in the same hotel for 2 nights. Yeah…no need to pindah rumah already. :-p The hotel was fine. The hotel has some convenient stores just across the road.

our beds

the dressing table & television

the bathroom

our supper for day 3

4 thoughts on “KOREA ~ Day 3 (Yongin Everland, Dongdaemun Market)”

  1. wow! u r very lucky can spend 5 hours inside that theme park. We just spend 3 hours only inside there. We stayed at Artnouveau City Hotel.

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