KOREA ~ Day 5 (Herb Outlet, Sinchon Street, Local Product Shop)

Basically nothing much on Day 5. Because leaving Korea…..sob sob. *when can i come again??*

snapshot with Ms.Teddy before packing her into my luggage

Nice breakfast for Day 5 actually. The food tasted good!

After the breakfast, we were brought to a herb shop. Some kind of herbs to nourish our liver.

herb shop

spotted Malaysia’s flag there. I think may b because many tourist went there.

While on our way; I came across some houses which are built layers on hills. These reminds me of the houses in Jiufen, Taiwan.

Then, we headed over to Sinchon Street. Its located around the universities area.

hubby managed to snap some photos of the clothes

Here, you can do your last minute shopping again. To my surprise, the prices here are cheaper compared to Dongdaemun!! Managed to grab something from here too… ngek ngek ngek…

Our lunch for day 5; Grill/ BBQ Pork. Hmm…quite nice too!

our dishes

seaweed soup & salad for wrapping

grill grill

Therefore our last stop before catching our flight at 4.30pm, we were brought to a local product shop. Its located near to Incheon Airport. Here you can also get your last minute purchase; i.e: souvenirs, local snacks, local delicacies, seaweed & etc. If you’ve purchase above 30 000 won; they will pack them in a nice box. Easier for check-in luggage.

checking in our luggage

hb’s plane meal. chicken set

my plane’s dinner set. choice of seafood

ice cream as dessert


~Do not rush to make any purchase of souvenirs. Because you can easily get them on almost every stops if you are traveling by tour.

~If you wish to buy clothes, I would suggest Sinchon Street. good deals! You may compare the price, as I will post the clothes I bought on the next post.

~For snacks or sliced fruits; if you think RM3 is expensive, then you got no choice. Because that is the minimal price for each.

~Skincare are in wide range there. They are generous in giving out freebies/samples.

~Take note that fruits are expensive there.

6 thoughts on “KOREA ~ Day 5 (Herb Outlet, Sinchon Street, Local Product Shop)”

  1. hihi.. seems that u were having a nice korea trip.. i plan to visit there in july.. may i know from which travel agent u purchased this package?thx^^

  2. hi melissa,

    nice blog you have here. i went to seoul n jeju back in february this year (backpacking style and jalan-jalan sendiri. no money loh to follow tour package.. hehhehe..) and will be going again next month. your blog gave me a lot of ideas on where to go and what to do since most of the places that you went, i haven’t had a chance visiting yet.

    well, it’s true – once you’ve been to Korea, u always want to come back again! ^^

    1. Hi Yatt;

      Thanks for dropping by. Wow…I totally salute you! You backpacked even though there’s language barrier there. How do you communicate when you would like to ask for directions? Understand that most of the Koreans do not understand English. Do you have difficulties in looking for Halal food over there? By the way….I noticed that you are a K-Pop fans too! 😉

  3. when u plan visit korea again, u must go to jeju island, 1 hours 45 min from seoul. At jeju proceed to Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock), Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Seongup Folk Village, 3D Trick Museum, Glass Castle & Mysterious Road. Best hotel at jeju is Ocean Suite Hotel & got mini mart at the ground floor.

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