Dim Sum at “Dai You Bin”

The following morning after Khong Hean’s wedding; all of us get ready by 10am and went for a light breakfast (kononya light, but from the photos you’ll see later, you will doubt that). This place was suggested by Daphne. Knowing me..for sure everything also feel like trying or order. Moreover went there with an empty stomach. :-p

I wasn’t quite sure whether is the popular ones or not. Judging from the amount of crowd in the restaurant it looks as though its good and popular. After trying it; I felt SO-SO only. Not every item is nice.

porridge with century egg and minced pork (this is good)

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun with char siew (nice!)

trays of dim sum

Har Kau (shrimp)

cantonese styled braised noodles (this is good!)

freshly bake egg tarts-selling fast (very nice)

malai kou (not so good)

the juicy char siew pau. serves warm & tasty

wu kok (yam with char siew filling) – not so good. the char siew has burned taste

list of dim sum

FOOD = 3/5




No.8, Bangunan Kedai Lebuh Intan,

Taman Intan,

08000 Sungai Petani,

Kedah Darul Aman


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