Visited this restaurant during our trip to ‘Khong Hean’s wedding.

We were brought to this restaurant by Alex Cheng & Daphne. Though we had a light lunch on that day; but we still manage to wallop all the food! GREAT EATER!! I was so amazed with all the fresh seafood. While I was busy taking photos of all the seafood (to share with you guys); Alex Cheng placed the food order. He ordered so much of food (I think he knows that we are PIRANHA). He doubled the order (each order x 2) as there were a total of 15 person. The food that he ordered was damn good! thumbs up***

assorted fresh seafood

refreshing sugarcane juice

the very 1st dish – TOM YAM

yummy tom yam soup. (with seafood)

belacan kangkung & stir-fry kailan

vege tempura

fried squid

I like this fish. alil sour & spicy….to boost up your appetite

mango kerabu

fried ‘tung fun’

pandan chicken

a hanging antique oil lamp as deco

this is placed at the entrance

Alex & Myself

FOOD = 5/5




Butterworth Branch
104, Permatang Tengah,
13000 Butterworth.

(11.00am – 12.00am, Daily)

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