Wall Sticker

Recently; wall sticker has became a popular thing. I noticed many places are selling it.You may even find them sold on Facebook. But bear in mind; of cause there are different types of quality and pricing as well.

Last week I just bought some stickers from the night market. You will get shocked if I would to tell you the price is just RM2/ whole set. What makes me couldn’t resist buying it; was because of the price. I saw it somewhere else the price is 10x of this. Nevertheless; they are produced in different country. I suppose the quality is different too. The one I bought is made in China. The rather expensive one is made in Korea. I shall buy some expensive one the next round; to do the comparison myself.

bought 7 pieces

Used this design for kitchen. You must be really gentle when removing the sticker from the sheet. Because it is very thin.

approximate 60cm height only

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