Hokkien Mee at ‘Restoran Mei Yen’

Sent my brother back to his college on Sunday.

We decided to have our dinner near Taman Paramount. Dad told us there’s a popular & nice hokkien mee in that area. Therefore we decided to try, since mom loves hokkien mee alot. But because hokkien mee is very high in cholesterol; she seldom takes it now.

It was around 7pm. The restaurant was about 3/4 occupied with customers. Besides hokkien mee, there’s also ‘loh mee’, khau yuk mee hoon, wat tan hor, stir fry vege, LALAs, and Ohh Chien. By 8pm; more and more customers come in…and FULLed by then.

We ordered hokkien mee, khau yuk mee hoon, yau mak, Ohh Chien(oyster) & siong tong LaLa (LaLa in soup).

hokkien mee’s best companion. SAMBAL BELACAN… must have!

hokkien mee for 2 eaters

yum yum…. the noodles is wet enough & tasty. what’s inside? lard, sotong & choy sum

However Alex & Mom prefers the one from “Petaling Street”. Probably they prefered it to be dryer I guess. :-p

‘khau yuk mee hoon’…I like this very much actually. Its very tasty & not too dry.

yau mak

‘siong tong LALA’ (LALA in soup).

I like this soup very much too! Its best served on rainy days. The soup is warm, a lil taste of white wine, minced ginger & sprinkles of coriander leaves. Nevertheless, the clams size are acceptable too….aren’t those tiny little ones~~~

“Ohh Chien” (fried oysters in egg)

This is nice though. At least you can find the oysters easily….Don’t need to do any treasure hunt on it…You get what I meant? Moreover its not starchy. This plate cost RM8.

check out the oyster.

FOOD = 4.5 / 5




39 Jalan 20/7 Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: Daily, 7pm-2am. Closed twice a month
Phone: 019-229 8566 (call after noon)


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