Trying Hard….

Project fails twice. Though it might sounded just a short term towards certain group of people, but it ain’t easy as what I’ve thought. Having just strong-will isn’t enough still. Having passion wouldn’t be just the reason. Wonder am I trying hard enough? How long should I hold on to? Am starting to question God. “When will you be blessing me? Are you treating us* fair enough? I even asked hubby the same question. Hubby answered patiently; HE is treating us good enough; by allowing us to move forward step by step.


Am getting quite emotional nowadays. Even just a small piece of article could made me shed tears. Hence; of course there are some people there that may sounded rather sarcastic. I know you have done it well, I know you have succeed in your project. But is there any reason for being sarcastic in your comment or so-called advise?? Probably it may sounded quite humor to them. Or perhaps I took it too serious.


I must start to ignore certain comments. Please brave yourself by not just saying without practicing!

9 thoughts on “Trying Hard….”

  1. I know the feeling as I have failed also before, but as much as possible dont let yourself be down after all its “melissa the great” right?. Having a negative thinking pulls you even more so just think about happy things and you will be OK 🙂

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