Lunch @ Kita No Zen, Hokkaido Ichiba; The Garden Mall

This lunch was planned as a meet up before Wanyi left for work to Singapore. I wouldn’t say its a farewell, after all she will still return and we can still meet. Midvalley and The Gardens  will normally be our meeting point as its more like a center point between us. Should be more convenient I guess. Trying to figure out what should we eat or try this time. Each time we would try different food. I wonder when only we can finish trying all the food from both Midvalley & The Gardens ^^


Initially Ashley suggested Yogi Tree. Couldn’t remember how the plan changed. Lately I really craved for Japanese food ever since I watched this drama; The Rippling Blossom showing on Astro on Demand. Therefore; I would say this restaurant has fulfilled my wish!!


Nic and Mel arrived earlier then came Ashley and Wanyi. Lucky it was still early (at 12pm), therefore we don’t need to queue long.

Facing directly in front of the center escalator


The interior


We were directed to our seat. And was given 4 booklets of menu which comprises of set lunch, ala-carte, ice cream/dessert & the last one I have forgotten. Oppss


While studying the menu, Ashley said the menu is kinda similar to Rakuzen. The answer to your question; (I got it from a blogger) —-> Kita No Zen (the restaurant) and Hokkaido Ichiba (the adjoining ice cream/ dessert lounge) were opened by the people behind Rakuzen and Sushi/Pasta Zanmai.

Hot towels & Green Tea are served to guests for free of charge.


All of us decided to go for set lunch.

Nic ordered Yakiniku Zen(Grilled Beef Set)- RM28

Based on Nic, Ashley & Wanyi‘s interpretation; the meat is tender and juicy. While the gravy is tasty too.


Ash ordered Unagi Kabayaki Zen (Roasted Eel Set) – RM30

The size of unagi will not disappoint you. Apart from that, the unagi taste good too.


Mel ordered Nabeyaki Udon to Salmon Don Zen (Claypot Udon & Salmon Rice Set) – RM32

This set is good! Especially the slices of salmon. Its very fresh.


There was a moral lesson to learn here. Please read up the whole description of food before ordering. I somehow missed the word ‘rice’. Therefore it surprises me with 1 bowl of noodle & 1 bowl of rice. How can I finish all??  So, I scooped some noodle for Wanyi.

There you go, Wanyi’s Set. (No name)


All of us very bersungguh-sungguh to clear everything.


We requested for desserts to serve after meal.

Wanyi ordered Macha Ice no Hokkaido Milk Parfait (RM8.80)

Green Tea Ice Cream served in Hokkaido Milk with Glutinous Rice Ball & Green Tea Jelly, topped with Hokkaido Red Bean.


Macha Waffle (RM9.80)

Waffle with Green Tea Ice Cream topped with Green Tea Sauce & Hokkaido Red Bean


Sesame Indulgence (RM8.80)


The above desserts; only the green tea ice cream is good. Not applicable to the waffles. Because both types of waffles are so-so only.


Just 4 of us


We were at Hokkaido!!!


Love this cheeky pose of us!! (Wanyi, Ashley, Mel, Nic)


**Definitely will re-visit. Hinting it on Hubby now ^^

Food : 4/5

Ambiance : 4/5

Price : Worth the price. Big portion of food.


Kita No Zen, Hokkaido Iciba
T-201, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-612 1060 / 03-2283 3060

8 thoughts on “Lunch @ Kita No Zen, Hokkaido Ichiba; The Garden Mall”

    1. Raymund;
      Haha….don’t get jealous huh..Because the meal was indeed yummy!! But not everyone likes the taste of green tea.
      Perhaps you may start to try some Japanese Food recipes 🙂

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