Happy Birthday Vernice

Vernice, my lil lovely niece is now 2 years old. The rather playful and mischievous  girl is now able to sing, run, play and speak. Her mom, my sis planned a small birthday party among the family members. It was an early birthday celebration. Since the exact date falls on weekday, we decided to celebrate it few days earlier on weekend where everyone will be home. Vernice adores Barney, the purple dinosaur so much till her mom actually set a so-called theme based on Barney.


I requested her to pose with her toys.



I requested her to pose with her Barney stuff. She can actually understand my orders well.


She likes people to take photos of her. Each time she sees me with a camera; she will point to the camera and says “yiyi….foetoe foetoe..” After each shot; she will come back to me to view the playback.


Sis came home with a box of cupcakes with Barney figurines which she ordered from “miza mizo” with a fair price of RM50(12 chocolate cuppies). Vernice was so delighted when she sees it. With a wide smile on her face; she whispered softly ‘wah…Barneeeeyyyyyyyyy’.



The Barney party pack that we bought from Jusco.


Food prepared for the celebration.


Vernice likes popo’s fried noodle very much. Till she insisted to feed by herself.


Vernice’s Barney bowl. Each time she uses this bowl for her meal; she will say, “Barney oi oi” (Barney is asleep).


Her attention was fully diverted to the Barney program.


Hug & Kisses to popo.


Vernice distributed her Barney party hat to everyone of us and requires everyone to put it on.


Mummy; can I taste it? (sambil cubit B.J’s ear)


I’ll try Baby Bop.



Barney, Baby Bop, B.J.


The chocolate cupcake taste good!





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