The 1st Step

Has finally taken the very 1st step! The long awaiting of hunting, viewing and time consumed. It took us 6 months to achieve. Gone through so much of disappointment and turn downs. It was either, the price just too high or it sold out soon. I understand that good stuffs are usually high in demand. People nowadays buy property without even bother to view it. We got really very disappointed each time when we were about to pay the deposit to book the house, we were told that the house is sold. Normally its just a time interval of few hours or 1/2 day.


It is a house we are owning soon! Hubby and I both feeling proud of ourselves. With our capability and savings, we has successfully worked it out together. Its the toughest part, especially owning a landed property in KL. YES. I can say that we are kinda broke now. I must say that buying a second hand house is not easy. As you got to bear the lawyer fee and the stamping fee which is not cheap! Now that I felt much relieved, at least we had secured a house. Apparently the properties are getting more and more expensive nowadays.


1st step has taken. Soon, it would be on 2nd step. FURNISHING! I wouldn’t dare to calculate the sum I’m going to spend before moving in. As there would be minor touch ups(painting on living hall & master bedroom) and furnishing. All these really involving alot of money. Trying to work with the minimal cost. Hope there sure to be a solution when the day comes.


Peek A Boo….Will reveal it in future.

8 thoughts on “The 1st Step”

  1. Congratulations on surviving one of the most stressful events that will happen to your life. I remember when we bought our first house here in NZ it took us I guess around 100 properties to view.

  2. congrats! i fully understand what u went through..i was in tht stage not too long ago..more stress and more money will be needed for the lawyer fees and stamp duty

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