Portraits of Wei Chi @ Starbucks

Wei Chi is a friend of mine since primary school. We used to stay back after school hours for our co-curricular activities; i.e: Taekwondo, Red Cresent and also tuition class. We still keep in touch with each other till today.(yes, I’m still waiting for her wedding day to come!!)


She called me up few days ago and asked to meet up on last Saturday. Since we were both in Seremban, the nearest place to meet would be at Jusco Seremban. We decided to hang around at Starbucks. Ordered a drink each & a slice of cake, we shared. Took out my camera and did some portraits photoshoot of Wei Chi. I told her; “don’t look at the camera…just pose naturally & talk as usual.”


Cocoa Cappuccino


Cafe Latte


Marble Cheese Cake








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