This is so ME

After the drink at Starbucks; Wei Chi and I head over to Vincci Accessories. There were on going sales. Checking out the accessories such as necklaces, rings, earrings, pouches, belts. Ahaa….spotted this necklace which really caught my attention and somehow got the feeling of ‘this is so me’ thingy. Without much hesitation, I told myself, I want to have this.


Look! Its a miniature camera pendant. It cost RM31.20 after 20% discount.


You might feel surprised seeing this…can you spot the word “DSLR” on it?? Don’t you think its way too cute??


Vernice: Chik Chak! I’m using this to capture photo of you, yiyi. haha….


Can’t stop using Vernice as the model. She’s good you know.

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