My all time favorite

When we are talking about breakfast and you are in Malaysia, you can easily get varieties of choices to be chosen from Chinese, Malay and Indian food. The common ones are dim sum, roti canai, mee goreng, laksa, kuih-muih and much more. Of course not forgetting my favorite NASI LEMAK!!

When I’m out of Malaysia, what I miss most is a plate of nasi lemak with lots of sambal! How can you resist a hot serving plate of nasi lemak. Nothing is better than that. ^^

There’s a nasi lemak stall just a walking distance from my house who sells a good nasi lemak. I usually buy a pack of nasi lemak from her for my breakfast (not everyday for sure). The main concern thing in nasi lemak is a good sambal with a nice fragrant rice. Each time I reaches the stall, I was greeted by the friendly mak cik.

Mak Cik : Good Morning….

Mel : Good Morning….

Mak Cik : Nak ape??

Mel : Nasi Lemak, sambal asing…sambal lebih boleh, kak?

Mak Cik : Bolehhh….suka makan pedas ye…

Mel : hehehehhe….

The nasi lemak stall (sorry, the photo was take quite a distance)

A pack of nasi lemak for just RM1.20. I asked for the sambal to be separated so that the oil from sambal won’t mix on the rice.

Karipap(curry puffs) is also my favorite too. Each are sold at 40 cents.

The sambal kerang(cockles) is nice too! RM2 for the quantity above.

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