Pizza Hut is currently having the promotion of “WOW SAVERS 50% DISCOUNT” applicable only on weekdays. When it says 50%, it does sounds quite worth. I can have a meal while enjoy the saving of 50% off the price. However of cause they aren’t stupid to offer everything from the menu with 50% discount. Only selected ones which varies each day from Monday to Friday.

Here are the selected ones. One person is only entitle to order 1 item.

It was quite sometime I did not have a meal at Pizza Hut. I’m going to make use this opportunity.

I love pastas. Therefore I chose to go on Friday. Check out the slashed price from RM10.50 to RM5.25. Cheap right?? You may take a closer look on the “Creamy Carbonara” photo shown above and the real piece I’m having it here. **spot the difference game**

This is the real plate of “Creamy Carbonara” . Sorry to say, the taste is lousy…. And the bread-stick is missing from the plate too!!! Could it be fall somewhere while serving it?? =_=

A bowl of salad we ordered – RM5.50

I love to have alot of thousand island dressing on my salad. Unfortunately their vege started to turn yellowish. Which means not fresh already right??

Triple Platter – RM18.90 (add-on)

Honey BBQ Wings, Masala Spin Roll and Criss-Cut Fries served with cool lime mayo sauce.

The entire meal we had, only the “Triple Platter” was good! *bad bad*

Pizza Hut

Jusco Seremban 2

112 Persiaran S2 B1, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

4 thoughts on “Pizza Hut “WOW SAVERS 50% DISCOUNT””

  1. their standard dropped a lot lah!!! A hell lot leh! The last time I had it was 2 weeks ago, and I only ate 1 slice and that’s it, didn’t feel like having the 2nd one pun.

    Now I’d rather go Domino’s ler…. taste so much better and they improved so much.

  2. I love pizza but I rather make it home made, Pizza hut was really good when I was younger but I dont know why the quality had detiriorated.

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