Lunch @ Pappa Rich

Pappa Roti, I’ve heard of it – the coffee flavor bun. But Pappa Rich kopitiam…are they owned by the same person?? Not too sure bout it.

However, this chained kopitiam has opened another outlet at The Gardens Mall. Another good choice for the customers to dine with an affordable price other than the food court. A whole long list of menu you may refer:- MENU

Bear in mind, this kopitiam is often crowded too.

I was there with my mom & friends.

Chicken Rice with Bean Sprout – RM10.90

(Flavorful rice cooked in chicken stock served with steamed chicken, bean sprout & fresh chili sauce) – The steamed chicken and bean sprout are good. Unfortunately, the rice and chili sauce, I think my mom cooks better! ^^

Ipoh Koay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken – RM10.90

(Fresh flat rice noodles in clear chicken stock soup garnished with chives and spring onions; accompanied by a plate of steamed chicken served on a bed of lettuce, sliced cucumber and tomato) – I like that they separated the noodles and the chicken. This way, the soup wouldn’t be very oily. Taste wise, erm…moderate.

Pappa Prawn Mee – RM9.90

(Yellow noodles/ MeeHoon boiled in chicken soup served with fresh prawns, boiled egg, bean sprout and kangkung) – This prawn noodle taste very bland. Not so nice.

Dry Curry Koay Teow with Curry Chicken & Foo Chok – RM10.90

(Flat rice noodles blanched and topped with chicken curry, foo chok & bean sprout) – This is yummy! If only extra curry would to be added, it will taste even better.

Steamed Home Made Fish Otak-otak – RM5.80

(Fragrant and spicy fish mousse gently steam-cooked to perfection) – Quite nice.

Soya Milk Cincau with Gula Melaka – RM6.50 (a nice drink indeed!)

This was suppose to be meant as “Soya Milk with Sesame seed Ice Cream”. However my friend requested to separate it. Kesian the drink…has to go in separate ways 😦

The soya milk taste very pure and not too sweet. Same goes to the sesame seed ice cream. Smooth too.

**based on my past experience; the ‘nasi lemak’ and ‘curry mee’ are good!**

Pappa Rich

T237 A & B, Third Floor, The Gardens Mall, MidValley City

(near to Isetan)

4 thoughts on “Lunch @ Pappa Rich”

  1. Mel, the otak-otak is nice leh, I like it. The dried curry noodles is nice oso! Next time remember to ask for extra gravy 😀

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