The Proud Owner of “Ms. Whitey”

Last Friday, Ms. Whitey has finally arrived Malaysia, the day I’ve been longing for. It has been such a long wait ever since it was launched in US. Was keeping track on the updates on almost each day.

It was a happening day on every APPLE outlet! About the queues, the crowds, the number of units sold. I guess, I don’t need to explain much on the specs, you can easily refer it from Apple- iPad.

No doubt; I purposely made my way from Seremban to KL just for this. Felt its worth it though. However without the help from my friends, I wouldn’t be getting it much easier. Thank you! (not going to disclose their names here).

Ms. Whitey, the iPad2

Love the improved features Apple made on iPad2. Now that I can do Facetime with my buddies!!

Since, “Angry Bird” is such a hit now, therefore I’ve downloaded it too! Quite fun too.Yeah… I don’t need to play tweety bird anymore…hahaha…

**Sorry Ms. Whitey, I yet to get any suitable clothes for you. Will try to get a nice one soon ya..**

8 thoughts on “The Proud Owner of “Ms. Whitey””

  1. Welcome to the i-club!!!! hahahaha…. trust me, after this one, you’ll only be looking at things from Apple. Wuahahahaha…….

    On ya, Mel, my screen bleed is pretty serious leh. Especially the right corner. Then all the edges also got bleed. 😦

    1. Ash- Thanks…you are rite lo…& now I’m drooling on the Macbook liao ler… :-p ‘sei lor’…

      Oh gosh….bring it over to Machines & highlight the matter to them. See what they says. Hope they would able to come up with a proper solution to it lo….

      1. iMac got new models!!!! and lower price compared to the old iMac! Go check out Machines FB page. But it’s a desktop lah, not laptop.
        I’m eye-ing the iMac 27″!!! kakakakaka… 😛

    1. Ray; haha..I guess most people with smart phones really can’t miss having ‘angry birds’. …the plush toys sounded interesting!! I’ve seen it as in keychains and people are customizing their cupcakes using ‘angry birds’ too.

    1. Jing Yi-hahaha…still can’t consider as one yet. I’m still a miniature. Ohh…if that’s the case.. just get anywhere which you feel more convenient to you. Cause in KL, now still have to wait for the batches to arrive. Its very limited here now 🙂

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