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Hotel Review: Royal Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel


Early this year, we went for a family trip within Malaysia via flight. It was Jet’s second time boarding on plane since he was 2 years old. But during that time he barely know much. Now he’s more bigger and chatty, he enjoyed the ride and know what’s going on.


As we arrived Langkawi Airport, Jet said, “Mummy, lets look at the map”. 😀

At the airport arrival hall, there is a row of counters offering car rental and travel packages within the island. If you want to save some hassle, you can pre-book before you arrive. For my 3days 2 nights trip, I rented a car from this company. I was given a rate of RM140 (during non-peak season). Meaning its RM70/night. Very good price! However the price may vary during school break or festive holidays. I got a Proton Saga FLX (Auto). I wouldn’t say the car condition was tip top but still acceptable.


Seems like hotels at Pantai Cenang are more expensive. Therefore I changed my mind to book a hotel at Kuah. I got to know about this hotel from my friend who was coincidentally traveling to Langkawi a day later than me. Driving distance from airport to Royal Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel is about 14km (approx. 30 minutes). From Pantai Cenang to Kuah will only need 14.2km. Since we got a car to move about, so I thought staying in Kuah wouldn’t be a problem.


Car Park is available at this premise. But quite limited. Otherwise full, you can opt to park at the opposite car park lot at RM5/entry. It is waiveable for hotel guest.


“Initially it was known as Langkawi Yacht Club. In 1999, the royal patron of the club Sultan of Kedah state conferred the ‘Royal’ title to the club. Over the years, the club has grown in its stature and become one of the top favorites to the yachters from all over the world.”

At year 2015, the club undergone a major renovation. Level-1 there will be a lobby and a reception area. There are total 32 boutique rooms. So, I can say that our room is pretty new. 🙂


Hill View Family Room.

We booked the room for RM622 for 2 nights inclusive of breakfast via Expedia. The 31 m² area room with 2 Queen size bed.


There’s also sufficient space for luggage.

Other amenities are kettle, instant coffee, bedroom slippers, complimentary drinking water in bottle, television, free wifi, refrigerator, in room safe box.


The Family Room does not have seaview but only nature view. We could see monkeys climbing the trees ……………


also spotted the Macho Eagle flying around here. Not one but a few of them.

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

The bathroom isn’t big. Only standing shower.


Bathroom Amenities.


The Swimming Pool is divided to children pool and adult pool. The swimming pool is onlooking the sea and yachts. What a breathtaking view!


The AL-fresco breakfast area.


The breakfast served was quite simple and not too much varieties unlike some hotels that serve like a feast. But it has the common ones like egg, toast, sausage/bacon, baked beans, hash brown, cereal, yogurt, nasi lemak, juice, milk and coffee.


I like that they served Nasi Lemak Bungkus (nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf). It was very delicious too.

If you are lazy to drive out for dinner, you can also dine at Charlie’s Bar & Grill. A restaurant serving Western and also Asian food.


Dataran Lang/Eagle Square, one of Langkawi’s best known manmade attractions, a large sculpture of an eagle poised to take flight. This 12 metre-tall statue is one of the island’s most recognizable monuments.

“The reddish-brown eagle at Dataran Lang was built as an emblem of the island. According to folklore Langkawi’s name came from two Malay words – ‘helang’ (eagle) and ‘kawi’ (reddish brown): hence lang-kawi. “

It is just situated 690m away from the hotel.



I enjoyed taking photos of this hotel view, be it during the day or during the sunset. Really love this breathtaking panoramic view. I do not have any complains about this hotel. All of us enjoyed our stay here.

Apart from this, Langkawi is a duty free state. You can buy lots of chocolates and liquor at really good price here. But for liquor there’s a restriction of 1 liter per person in case you are bringing it home.

4 Best Duty Free Outlets are:-

  1. The Zon Shopping Paradise (at Pantai Cenang)
  2. Coco Valley Langkawi ((at Pantai Cenang)
  3. Langkawi Saga Shopping Centre (at Kuah)
  4. Teow Soon Huat Duty-Free Shopping (at Kuah)



We enjoyed traveling together now. Just that traveling with a little one, mummy has to be like a hawk, more alert to guard them. Now, Jet kept telling me to go Langkawi. Looks like he really love this place. I also like Langkawi. This is my 4th time in Langkawi. Its not just an island mainly for snorkeling or swimming. But there’s more to explore.


Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel
Jalan Dato’ Syed Omar,
07000 Kuah, Langkawi,
Kedah, Malaysia

Tel: +6049664078 



Dinner & Sunset @Yellow Cafe Langkawi

I did some homework few days before traveling to Langkawi. Just in case I do not want to end up paying hefty price for some lousy food.

I found out about this place which located along Pantai Cenang having quite a numbers of positive feedback in terms of environment and food. Therefore this place has to be in my itenary. Yellow Cafe is like a hidden gem. Without a signboard of its name, I doubt I could locate it. It is situated beside Langkapuri Inn passing through the rooms of Langkapuri Inn to locate this cafe.

The owner of this cafe decided to name his cafe as Yellow Cafe based on a nickname ‘Yello’ he gotten from Thailand. Simple and easy to remember isn’t it?

Using yellow as its theme color, we are expecting to see yellow here and there. 😀 😀

“Yellow Cafe is divided into three dining concepts: the Steak House Restaurant is comprised of an indoor section with dark wooden furnishings; the Cocktail Bar offers large comfortable sofas, while the Beach Front Lounge is perfect for lounging with a number of triangle Thai pillows, plush beanbags, and hammocks.”

My friend and I decided to sit here and this was our view. I could feel the fine sand below my feet. 🙂

You can also watch the ongoing beach activities. E.g: para sailing, banana boat.

Our surrounding.

A cold beer with nice view feels so good.

At Yellow Cafe, they served mostly western food. Considering this area as tourist spot, the food prices are considered affordable. Their non pictorial menu was rather simple and straight forward.

We ordered a 12″(30cm) size pizza. I chose Tacchino (Turkey Ham, Mozarella, Olives, mushroom, tomato sauce) RM31

The pizza had a very thin crust. Buttery & crisp. The toppings were sufficient to cover every slices of pizza we had.

There were only 2 types of spaghetti served here. The bolognaise would be rather common. Therefore I chose the latter. I ordered for Spaghetti Serena (Chicken & Mushroom)RM24

The al-dente spaghetti was tasty, creamy but not cloyed. The amount of mushrooms and chicken were quite generous too.

Both dishes were on sharing basis. I enjoyed the food here. The food prices here ranges from RM20 – RM60.

The atmosphere here at night.

During peak periods, the cafe also hosts live bands performing a variety of music genres such as reggae and salsa.

Well, be prepare for the sunset view. The sunset here was around 7.30pm. Quite late huh..

The sunset at ‘Andaman Sea’

Beautiful, isn’t it?

*nice stuffs are worth waiting, but they won’t stay long either*

Yellow Cafe Langkawi

*pork free*
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday – Monday 11:00 – 01:00 (closed on Tuesday)
  • Address: Pantai Cenang, PO Box 121, 07000 Langkawi
  • Tel: +6012 459 3190

A unique experience staying at Tubotel Langkawi

Hi…I just came back from my 3D2N trip to Langkawi with my GF. This trip was meant to be a relaxing trip and a short getaway from our busy life. On the first night we stayed at ‘Resort World Hotel’. But on 2nd night, my friend suggested we try Tubotel Langkawi. Well, from the photos…it looks pretty interesting. The concept I meant. Tubotel is located 6km from airport, 1.2km from Pantai Cenang.

“Tubotel is the first budget concept hotel of its kind in Asia, in a panoramic paradise, on a tropical island. A genuinely unique experience of no frills packed with tubotonnes of thrills… everyone should try it, even it is way below your budget!”

We booked a sea-view room at the rate of RM180 which inclusive of breakfast for 2.

 The check-in procedure was quick because we’ve made the payment through Agoda. These colorful tubes are meant to be bedroom. These are the rooms with sea-view
These are the rooms with garden view. I suppose the rates would be cheaper than sea-view.
Given a key to our Room No. 4, we were lead to our room.
Our neighbors. 😀 😀
Our room at night.
My jaw dropped opened seeing the actual room size. HAHAHAHA! I was like…omg..where should I place my luggage? Totally blank. There’s a small empty space or void under the bed where you can place your luggage.
This tiny room is sufficient for 2 adults. And equipped with 2nos. of power socket, 2nos. mineral water, 2nos of towel, an electric fan.
I was aware about the ‘shared bathroom’ basis, which was my turnoff. But at the same time I wished to have an experience putting up at something different, just like the backpackers.
View from my room.
You can also watch the sunset directly from your room.
Not only sea-view but I’m able to sight flying planes across my room too. Because the airport is just a short distance from here.
A beautiful bloomed morning glory greeted us at the garden.
The dining room, where we had our breakfast on the following day.
You can also choose to dine at the Al Fresco area. Unfortunately it was a wet morning that we got no choice but to dine indoor.
Pick your choice of breakfast from the list above.
Each breakfast set is served with home baked bread with butter & jam, a cup of coffee & a glass of orange juice.
I had Ham & Mushroom Frittata (smoked turkey ham & mushroom) while my GF had 2 fried eggs with roasted tomato & chicken sausage. The breakfast was good as its made to order.
The calm sea after the heavy downpour.
Below are some photoshoot of ourselves before leaving this unique place.
Mattresses are usually laid here…so that travelers could laid back and relax while enjoying a good sea view.
wefie in our room
Each room comes with a different wall painting. And we got a sexy bikini lady. LOL! 😀
My Summary
  • Did not experience bad services
  • More suitable for backpackers, light or solo travellers
  • Nice sea-view
  • Although the room is small…but there are space for you to roam around outside.
  • dislike the fact about shared bathroom. haha….
  • Wifi is provided for free at the lobby area.
  • Wasn’t aware about the Jacuzzi.

tubotel-services1Website :

Langkawi’s Mangrove Tour

Upon arriving at Langkawi airport, you will be greeted by tour or car rental agents. Well…you can decide to just ignore their calling. I, on the other hand do not want to waste time looking for one when I’m in the midst of spending my getaway. If you miss the chances of engaging any tour from the airport, no worries. You can still get it in the island. I saw there are plenty of tour agencies along Pantai Cenang.

We rented a car for 3 days in order for us to move about conveniently. Besides renting a car, we also booked a tour package from the same agent – Indra Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. Therefore we successfully negotiated car rental fee at a lower price. Ya…IMA typical Malaysian wat although I may not the best nego queen. LOL!

The common tours in Langkawi are Payar Island (for snorkeling), Island Hoping (incl. pregnant maiden island)Island Tour (Sightseeing tour) and Mangrove Tour (Geopark Kilim River). My previous visit to Langkawi, I’ve already experienced the snorkeling at Payar Island. I want to go for something else. Friends highly recommended to take the Mangrove Tour. Therefore Alex and I decided to choose Mangrove Tour which cost RM100/person. Duration of tour was approximately 5 hours.

A van came to pick us up from Underwater World at about 9am. And headed to jetty.

A summary of the places covered by the Mangrove Tour.

  • Mangrove River Ride in Boat
  • Eagle Feeding and Bird Watching
  • Fish Feeding Farm
  • Bat Cave
  • Dangli Island
  • Cave of Legend
  • Crocodile Cave
  • Lunch at Fish Farm

Arrived the jetty together with other tourists.

We are going by these boats.

We, this group of people were lead by this 2 tour leaders. They were giving some briefing and safety tips that we need to remember along the tour.

Our first stop was at the Bat Cave.

This cave is located along the Kilim River. Accessible only by boat, you can then walk along a wooden platform through a mangrove swamp, leading directly to the cave. The stalactites and stalagmites are of gigantic proportions, forming weird figures reminiscent of other worldly creatures.

A short briefing by the tour leader before everyone enters the cave.

The two traditionally recognized suborders of bats are:

  • Megachiroptera (megabats)
  • Microchiroptera (microbats/echolocating bats)

Megabats eat fruit, nectar, or pollen, while most microbats eat insects; others may feed on the blood of animals, small mammals, fish, frogs, fruit, pollen, or nectar. Megabats have well-developed visual cortices and show good visual acuity, while microbats rely on echolocation for navigation and finding prey.

Some bats have evolved a highly sophisticated sense of hearing. They emit sounds that bounce off of objects in their path, sending echoes back to the bats. From these echoes, the bats can determine the size of objects, how far away they are, how fast they are traveling and even their texture, all in a split second

Bats find shelter in caves, crevices, tree cavities and buildings. Some species are solitary while others form colonies of more than a million individuals.

Entering the dark cave.

Look….there are thousands of bats hanging up there. Its the sleeping time. Bats sleep in the day. Do not place your hands over the railing…because there might be bat’s poo poo. Ohh…the cave is kinda stinks.

Closer view. They are not really huge. Bats have poor visibility. Therefore turning on your camera flash isn’t a problem. However the bats are really sensitive to noises. So, we were advised to keep our voices lowwwww…..

Exiting the other end of cave. The cave is at a mangrove forest.

“Kita Perlukan Kelawar” (We Need Bats). Seriously?

Can you spot a fiddler crab?

We are leaving for the next destination.

Our tour guide is quite informative. Sorry….forgotten his name :-p

Beautiful scenery. Surrounded by high vertical limestone.

We are approaching the Fish Farm.

Getting ready to be assist into the Hole in the Wall Fish farm for Fish Feeding Activity.

This fish farm lies within the vicinity of the verdant mangrove forests and the striking limestone structures formations along the Kilim River. Interestingly, the Hole in the Wall Fish farm got its name from a little opening in a long line of limestone hills at the outskirts of the Andaman Sea.

Assorted sea creature are placed here.

Food for the baby shark.


This stingray look so tame and friendly huh.

This spiny sea urchin is so geli. But they look like our local fruit, rambutan.hehe… Sea Urchin can be eaten…esp. for Japanese food.

Have you seen “belangkas” (alantic horseshoe crab) before? This is consider small. I’ve seen some larger ones at Sarawak market. But it looks like an alien to me. Watches too much Alien vs. Predator I guess. LOL!

Dunno what fish are these. But they are quite smart. Pieces of bread were placed at the edge of the wooden stick. The fishes aimed and spitted over the bread so that the piece of bread will fall into the water. *claps*

In front is a small cave which they named it Crocodile Cave.

This cave is unique because the Kilim River actually flows right through it, and is navigable by a small boat at low tide. Inside the cave there is an ascending chamber flanked by walls of white limestone with minimal stalactites and stalagmites. Small colonies of bats roost on the lower ceiling.

Unfortunately it was high tide. We had no chance to make our way into the cave.

Can you spot anything on the tree?

Looking fierce huh.

Mama monkey and baby monkey. Baby latching on mummy tightly.

My favorite Monkey shot. One Happy Family! 🙂

Our boat drove by this swampy area with many monkeys. Its the monkeys habitat I guess. Becareful with your belongings. They may grab anything from you especially when they sees food.

Our next stop-Eagle Feeding.

Our boat will cruise to a very beautiful and special spot where you will  have a chance to see  a flock of eagles swooped in from nowhere.

There are various types of eagles here; the Brahminy kites (46cm) arrive from all directions. These raptors are generally chestnut brown in color, and white on the head and breast. The White-bellied Sea Eagle (71cm) is the largest of the species present.

These birds are the lords of the skies. Langkawi (Lang = eagle and kawi = reddish brown stones found here) is named after the Red Eagles that have made their home in the crags and crevices of the islands long before any human set foot ashore.

Feeling hungry already lor! We were here for our lunch. A fish farm cum floating restaurant.

We had our lunch at this floating restaurant. Inclusive lunch in our tour package. Can’t complain much.

After the lunch, we were on our way to an island. Yes…we were off to sea. Luckily my lunch wasn’t heavy. Luckily I did not vomited. LOL!! Bumpy ride when it hits the sea waves.

So serene!

How often do we get to see such nice clear blue sea.

If you are interested to swim..bring along your swimming attire. But bear in mind, there are no washrooms here.

The sea water is so clear. Made me feel like jumping into the sea, and swim like a fish.

Lost in the island?

Proud of our country’s flag?

Alex & Melissa were here! Hehe….

Icon Kilim Geoforest Park – end point.

Return to jetty at about 2+pm. And we was sent back to our hotel. According to the printed leftlet…internary includes Dangli Island and Cave of Legend. Where are this 2 places? I must be not paying attention in class??!! @_@

Other than snorkeling in Langkawi, Mangrove Tour is a recommended tour. Its a unique experience for city people. Moreover its fun and educational. Dress as light as possible, because the weather is hot. If possible bring along a towel just in case if you gets wet.

My 3D/2N at Ambong Ambong Langkawi

Yes! I was here at Langkawi for the second time. Once a year? 😉

I chose Langkawi as our short getaway destination because I kinda love this island. The beer here is dirt cheap. The people here are nice too. My previous visit to Langkawi was with a group of friends. And we put up at a budget hotel in Kuah town. Since this round was just Alex & myself, I thought we should go for something better and memorable. Why not stay somewhere around Pantai Cenang? Its more happening over there compared to town.

Ambong Ambong opened since December 2011. Its still consider new. And how did I find out about this place since they are so many hotels or resorts in Langkawi? Through Groupon’s deal.

Why am I attracted to this place?

Secluded Tropical Getaway at Boutique Hotel Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat”.

Its something different from those hotels that I’ve stayed. Hence I would love to experience the touch of nature, the rainforest.

Once we arrived at Langkawi airport, we rented a car(remember to negotiate for the best price)..easily for us to move about in the island. Driving in Langkawi is quite easy. With the guide of maps and the proper road signs. Upon arriving Langkawi we thought we should go for our breakfast first. Breakfast at KFC at Cenang Mall, a new mall in Langkawi.

What is the meaning of Ambong Ambong?

Ambong Ambong is the Malaysian name for Scaevola taccada, a plant that is native to Langkawi.

There are currently two 2-bedroom cottages and six individual studios available for accommodation. Very limited!

We were guided to our room by their attentive staff. Nizam, a friendly guy welcomed us to their holiday villa.

Our Studio room, rebak 2 is located mid-hill and at 2nd floor.

A welcome drink by Ambong Ambong to quench our thirst on that sunny afternoon. Phew…I need to catch my breath after climbing walking up the stairs. Our room check in is done in our respective room. Nizam handed the room key to us, together with a map of Langkawi (which is quite thoughtful)..and some brief information.

I was amazed with their action on decorating our bed!! I told HB not to destroy the lovely swan as he was taking a short afternoon nap. LOL!

Our 46m.sq. Studio room is spacious, clean and comfortable. Lets take a tour to my room.

A small lounge area. I like the tall ceiling windows which allows natural sunlight without switching on the room lights.

I have a small kitchen in my room! Made me feels like I’m at home. This small kitchen equipped with refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, bread toaster, ceramic plates and bowls, utensils, cups and glasses. Oh ya…and also soap detergent for washing.

The room’s open air balcony with a ceiling fan. A relaxing environment with touch of nature. Birds chirping in the morning and sound of cicadas (an insect) at night. Feels like I’m camping in a forest!

There is  suppose to be a sea view here. But is blocked by the trees. *sigh

Of course we have TV in our room!

The spacious built-in wardrobe.

The bathroom with separated shower area.

I noticed there was no mirror in the room. All I have is this mirror in the bathroom. I have to fix my makeup in front of this mirror under the dim lights. Understand that probably its not suitable to install a mirror in the room…but appreciate if they could maybe install one behind the wardrobe’s door? Because the wardrobe’s light is brighter.

Although we are at a forest like villa…but we are connected to the world. With FREE WIFI! Yes…Wifi is provided for free here. Unlike some hotels with expensive room rates..but wifi is only available at the lobby. HUH! What for?!

On that sunny afternoon, wouldn’t it be great to take a dip in the pool.

Hb testing on the pool’s water. The water was quite cold! Ohh ya…it may look deceiving. I felt the swimming pool is rather small. But I think its sufficient to cater for the low occupancy in Ambong Ambong.

Chillaxing by the pool.

While having a bottle of Hoegaarden for only RM4.20!

Buggy ride is available daily from 9am-9pm. Just give a call to Nizam to check if he’s available to pick you. Sometimes we decided to climb walk back to our room. The steps are quite steep though. Really a good workout!! I told Hb, if I would to stay here for a long period, I’ll be slim and fit! LOL!!

What?! We are gonna have breakfast in our room? Ohh…that’s cool! I love the idea of having breakfast in room too. No rushing and we can slowly take our time. Food will be replenish daily around noon.

Such a healthy breakfast I’m having. Appreciate if they would to add in eggs. Then I can make soft boiled egg with toast bread. Voila!

We had our daily breakfast at the balcony. It was so relaxing. Moreover you can enjoy lotsa free oxygen here. From the trees. HAHAHA!! If you are lucky, you can spot the dusk-leaf monkey. I wasn’t lucky T_T

But I spotted a pair of Oriental Pied Hornbill in front of my room! However it flew off too before I could take a photo. *sigh*

Hb busy with his mobile phone. *tsk tsk*

Ishan Spa is located downhill of Ambong Ambong. Feel free to drop by for a spa experience.

Anna, the person in charge on replying my mails, answered my queries and sort out my room reservation.

I wish I could spend another 1 or 2 nights here. We had a unique experience and  enjoyed our stay at Ambong Ambong.

Tips: Its not difficult to locate Ambong Ambong. Ambong Ambong located on the southern part of Langkawi Island, a 25 minute drive from Langkawi International Airport and half an hour from Kuah, the main town. If you are coming here by taxi, you may need to say out “Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant” in case the taxi driver is not familiar about this place. Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant is just slightly below Ambong Ambong. Pantai Tengah is within walking distance, probably around 10-15 minutes walk. If possible, book your room at the higher floor for a better view. Kindly join their Facebook Page to know about their latest updates.

Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat

Jalan Pantai Tengah 
Langkawi, Kedah 07000
Company Website

Snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park (My Memorable Experience)

During my Langkawi trip, there were several packages offered by the local agencies once we stepped into the airport. E.g; Island Tour, Mangrove Tour/Geopark Cruise,  Island Hopping, Yachting/ Fishing Trip and Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling). Each comes with different price of course.

However, we decided to get the package of Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling). After some price negotiation, we were offered at the price of RM115/ person (actual price shown = RM200/person). See….there’s always PROs when you are in a big group. You can nego for a better price.

Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling) package consist of return transfer, snorkeling gears, life jacket, packed lunch, free PA coverage, air conditioned catamaran. From beginning to the end of the journey + snorkeling duration is 6 hours.

Floating Reef Platform

Floating Reef Platform is designed for those who does not want to wet their bodies but still want to enjoy the marine life here. It is a platform called Coral Langkawi which is moored off Pulau Payar. Measuring 49 m by 15 m, you will have to book a package tour in order to have the privilege of using it. It has a tunnel shape chamber at the bottom of the platform 10 feet below the sea. There are also boats which have glass bottom for you to see the marine life and corals as you move along the coral gardens. This platform is also equipped with a snack bar, a dining area and a sunbathing area. (Price shown = RM320/person)

I got very excited as our boat approaches the beach we were designated to. It was my first encounter on clean & clear sea water.

Aren’t these views are beautiful??

When I saw these school of fishes under the clear water, I got even more excited. Like a small kid* Can’t wait to dive in.

whatcha think about my new beach dress? ^^ (BEFORE)

a short briefing was given

(AFTER) I’m all ready!

Alex; ready with his gears too

Chung, Alex, Myself & Jiaqi

Attracted so many fishes by just some pieces of biscuit crumbs I brought. Initially the packet of biscuit was for myself, but it ended up, used to feed the fishes. In another word, to bait the fish! *giggles*

Baby Shark feeding was a memorable experience to me too. You can actually see some baby sharks swim pass you while you were snorkeling.

The packed lunch that was provided –  what’s more you can expect.

It wouldn’t be more fun without a group of friends.

At that moment; I really wish I had this camera with me. No doubt my DSLR can do wonders. But when it comes to water stuff, its a NO NO. Unless I get a waterproof camera case.

**now, I’m looking forward to go for another sun & sea – wish wish**

Langkawi Cable Car

I must say, if you are planning to go Langkawi, this Langkawi Cable Car ride is really worth visiting! Because, over here you can enjoy spectacular views of Langkawi island. The price per entry is at RM30.

Perhaps; here are some brief info about this place.

Langkawi cable car is located on the southwest coast of Langkawi island. There are 3 stations along the cable car line, i.e. Base, Middle and Top Station. The cable car ride will bring you all the way up to about 708 meters above sea level. This journey covers a total distance of 2.2 km linking the Base Station at the foothill of Machinchang mountain to Top Station at the mountain summit.

During the cable car ride, you can really enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding lush green rainforests, the Telaga Tujuh waterfall, the ocean and some of the pristine islands that make up the Langkawi Island cluster. As you approach the Middle Station, look out for the unique rock formations which dated back to about 450 million years old.

From the Top Station, which stands at 708m above sea level – holds two viewing platforms that allows for an amazing view that goes right up to southern Thailand. If you want to get a birds eye view of the whole island and enjoy the very best scenery that Langkawi island could offer then the cable car is the place that you must visit.

What amazed me the most, was the Curve Hanging Bridge
(Latest attraction at Langkawi Cable Car is a 125m curve platform, pedestrian bridge across a deep chasm linking Top Station with Machincang mountain range. Open to public on 27th February 2005. It won a few recognition awards for this incredible design.

It was an eye opening experience to me.  I felt proud to the person whom actually designs the bridge and also the workers who’ve constructed it. It was a tough job I suppose. **salutes**

at the entrance

the breathtaking view from cable car

a cheeky pose of me with Alex

this shot was taken at mid platform (@652.5 Meter Above Sea Level)

the opposite view of Curve Hanging Bridge

top view

To get across to the Curve Hanging Bridge, you will have to climb some steps.(for about 10 minutes). Warn you, these steps are quite steep and the risers of each steps are quite high too.

Alex & Me

*the satisfaction look of me* so difficult to reach here..must take lotsa photos

Please visit the website for more details—> LANGKAWI CABLE CAR

I’m Back!!! ~from Langkawi

Hey peeps…I’m back from my short vacation of sun and sea.

It was a trip with a group of friends. I would say its pretty easy to move about in Langkawi island. Despite I may suggest you to rent a car/ van. The price aren’t too expensive either. We had a total of 9 members in our group. Therefore we rented a van (with 12 seaters) with the price of RM360 for 4 days. You may easily rent one from the airport. Moreover the van was in good condition and quite new too. Sadly we did not cover much places of attraction due to the unplanned daily iternary. *lesson to learn*

Well; I guess having fun and enjoy the entire trip is more important right?? (trying to console myself).

Day 1

– Arrived airport by noon.

– Laman Padi

-Underwater World Langkawi (RM28/ entry for Malaysians, RM38 for non-Malaysians) – worth visiting!

– Dataran Helang (Langkawi’s trademark. Must visit)

– Dinner

– Pasar Malam(Night Market) at Kuah Town. (a lousy night market)

Day 2

– Durian Perangin Waterfall (prepare yourself with a proper shoe to climb)

– Langkawi Cable Car (MUST VISIT! prepare yourself for another climbing too).

– Pantai Cenang (for watersport. eg: Banana Boat, Parasailing, Water Scooters. You may also bargain for the best price)

– Awana Porto Malai (sight seeing & dinner)

Day 3

Pulau Payar Marine Park Snorkeling Trip (RM115/ person – 6 hours)

– Jetty Point (nothing to buy here. can skip!)

-Shop for best price chocolates at TEOW SOON HUAT Duty Free Supermarket.

– Dinner

Day 4

-Fly back to KL. Say bye bye to Langkawi.

**You may also look for other interesting places in Langkawi HERE***