Langkawi Cable Car

I must say, if you are planning to go Langkawi, this Langkawi Cable Car ride is really worth visiting! Because, over here you can enjoy spectacular views of Langkawi island. The price per entry is at RM30.

Perhaps; here are some brief info about this place.

Langkawi cable car is located on the southwest coast of Langkawi island. There are 3 stations along the cable car line, i.e. Base, Middle and Top Station. The cable car ride will bring you all the way up to about 708 meters above sea level. This journey covers a total distance of 2.2 km linking the Base Station at the foothill of Machinchang mountain to Top Station at the mountain summit.

During the cable car ride, you can really enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding lush green rainforests, the Telaga Tujuh waterfall, the ocean and some of the pristine islands that make up the Langkawi Island cluster. As you approach the Middle Station, look out for the unique rock formations which dated back to about 450 million years old.

From the Top Station, which stands at 708m above sea level – holds two viewing platforms that allows for an amazing view that goes right up to southern Thailand. If you want to get a birds eye view of the whole island and enjoy the very best scenery that Langkawi island could offer then the cable car is the place that you must visit.

What amazed me the most, was the Curve Hanging Bridge
(Latest attraction at Langkawi Cable Car is a 125m curve platform, pedestrian bridge across a deep chasm linking Top Station with Machincang mountain range. Open to public on 27th February 2005. It won a few recognition awards for this incredible design.

It was an eye opening experience to me.  I felt proud to the person whom actually designs the bridge and also the workers who’ve constructed it. It was a tough job I suppose. **salutes**

at the entrance

the breathtaking view from cable car

a cheeky pose of me with Alex

this shot was taken at mid platform (@652.5 Meter Above Sea Level)

the opposite view of Curve Hanging Bridge

top view

To get across to the Curve Hanging Bridge, you will have to climb some steps.(for about 10 minutes). Warn you, these steps are quite steep and the risers of each steps are quite high too.

Alex & Me

*the satisfaction look of me* so difficult to reach here..must take lotsa photos

Please visit the website for more details—> LANGKAWI CABLE CAR

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