Snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park (My Memorable Experience)

During my Langkawi trip, there were several packages offered by the local agencies once we stepped into the airport. E.g; Island Tour, Mangrove Tour/Geopark Cruise,  Island Hopping, Yachting/ Fishing Trip and Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling). Each comes with different price of course.

However, we decided to get the package of Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling). After some price negotiation, we were offered at the price of RM115/ person (actual price shown = RM200/person). See….there’s always PROs when you are in a big group. You can nego for a better price.

Pulau Payar Marine Park (Snorkeling) package consist of return transfer, snorkeling gears, life jacket, packed lunch, free PA coverage, air conditioned catamaran. From beginning to the end of the journey + snorkeling duration is 6 hours.

Floating Reef Platform

Floating Reef Platform is designed for those who does not want to wet their bodies but still want to enjoy the marine life here. It is a platform called Coral Langkawi which is moored off Pulau Payar. Measuring 49 m by 15 m, you will have to book a package tour in order to have the privilege of using it. It has a tunnel shape chamber at the bottom of the platform 10 feet below the sea. There are also boats which have glass bottom for you to see the marine life and corals as you move along the coral gardens. This platform is also equipped with a snack bar, a dining area and a sunbathing area. (Price shown = RM320/person)

I got very excited as our boat approaches the beach we were designated to. It was my first encounter on clean & clear sea water.

Aren’t these views are beautiful??

When I saw these school of fishes under the clear water, I got even more excited. Like a small kid* Can’t wait to dive in.

whatcha think about my new beach dress? ^^ (BEFORE)

a short briefing was given

(AFTER) I’m all ready!

Alex; ready with his gears too

Chung, Alex, Myself & Jiaqi

Attracted so many fishes by just some pieces of biscuit crumbs I brought. Initially the packet of biscuit was for myself, but it ended up, used to feed the fishes. In another word, to bait the fish! *giggles*

Baby Shark feeding was a memorable experience to me too. You can actually see some baby sharks swim pass you while you were snorkeling.

The packed lunch that was provided –  what’s more you can expect.

It wouldn’t be more fun without a group of friends.

At that moment; I really wish I had this camera with me. No doubt my DSLR can do wonders. But when it comes to water stuff, its a NO NO. Unless I get a waterproof camera case.

**now, I’m looking forward to go for another sun & sea – wish wish**

42 thoughts on “Snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park (My Memorable Experience)”

  1. Wow that’s a great bargain 115 for 200, you have a great bargaining skill. Excellent photos specially those fishes, water is so incredibly clean.

    1. Ray; hahaha…nah, not me who did the bargaining thing. Moreover its off-peak season. So, they are willing to offer a better price. Ya…love those fishes…but the one with colorful body, actually do bite ppl. But won’t injure u la…. ^^

  2. Hi, me and my friends were planning for a trip to marine park . is it possible to hire snorkeling equipments there beacuse we are not going with any tour packages . Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi There…guess you still need to get a snorkeling package. Probably you engage on some individual snorkeling package. In order to arrange the transportation to the island. and if you are getting a snorkeling package, of course equipment is provided. Hope it helps. Happy Holidays 😉

  3. Hi, looks like you enjoyed yourself tremendously there. It’s a shame most people who visit Langkawi skipped Pulau Payar tour (due to the price I guess). Anyway I’ve written a write up about baby shark feeding in Pulau Payar, do visit the page at if you have the time and leaves some comment/tips. Would love to have first-hand experience commenter. Thanks

    PS – nice pics you have there even without the waterproof camera 🙂

    1. Hi Bob Amir;
      Thanks for dropping a comment. Yeap…agreed that I enjoyed myself tremendously..It was my first experience after all..and was a good one too. Thanks for appreciating the photos! 😉

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Gong Xi Fa Chai..! Me and fmly are due to Langkawi in Feb. In rgds to the fares, that was a bargain indeed..! Do u still have the contact no for that Pulau Payar travel promoters..?
    By the way nice photos and thx for the tips to bring/get water proof camera along. Surely get me one..!

    ps: nice swimming suits u have..zebra fish look alike..;)


    1. Hi Hatta.
      Thanks for the comment 😉
      So sorry that I did not keep the contact. But, not to worry…you can easily get one from the airport’s arrival hall. *Now that you mentioned…hahaha…my swimsuit do look alike as the fishes… =p

  5. hi,
    thanks for the info and fyi i bought the olympus waterproof digital camera yesterday….will go with my fren on this coming april with the snorkeling price MYR100 per head…

    1. Hi Linda…
      No prob…ask as many as u can…hope I’ll b able to provide with good info.
      Those baby sharks won’t harm you…Unless you grab or catches it..probably it will…heheh

  6. Hi Melissa,
    Any ideal when is the peak period and low period? i guess school holidays are peak, or is there any period that weather is bad and should not be adviseable to visit the island? Did you manage to taste good seafood in Langkawi or any recommendations?

  7. HI Melissa,
    I have planed to visit Langkawi on End of Aug,Hotel and Car already booked.
    However,I know that is impossible if you visit Langkawi without Snorkeling and Island Hoping.
    I found some type of package in Pulau Payar.
    Such as Langkawi Coral Snorkeling-Beach,Coral Island Snorkeling Tour,Langkawi Coral Snorkeling-Platform,different package different price.
    Most expensive is Coral Snorkeling – Platform RM240 per pax,I am wondering is it a big different of the package?
    What type of package you bought that time ?and where you buy it ?

    1. Hi Yen. Thanks for dropping by.
      Mine is just snorkeling on beach (near to shore). Which means the water is more shallow. I got the package from airport arrival hall. There are many tour agency at the airport arrival hall. Do not hesitate to ask the pricing and compare them.

      I managed to google for ‘Snorkeling at Platform’. May be you can take a look.


      2) A Day Trip to Pulau Payar – Langkawi Coral’s Platform

      Hope I’ve answered your question.

      1. Dear Melissa,
        Thanks for your kind assistance, found a lot of website offer with different rate of package for snorkeling,I think I better find myself when I reach there and try to bargain with us if that is possible 😀
        By the way,I already booked a rental car with Vios Auto only RM 90 per day.Should be the cheapest price I get.
        Besides,I bought a waterproof camera (Sony TX 10) for don’t miss out any perfect moment in there.
        Hopefully,this trip wont make me fell any disappointed.(Pray~~~~)

    1. Hi Pingping. Sorry for the late reply. No locker. But they do provide us with plastic boxes to keep our belongings. But still its better not to bring expensive stuff. (ie: dun carry too much cash)

  8. hi, melissa
    i wish to go there alone, can you suggest what hotel that you are recommended? and if i book flight ticket from P.pinang to Langkawi how to go to pulau payar? izit have to book another ticket to reach pulau payar?
    Please recommend for me. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Jenny. Thanks for dropping by.
      Visitors who are intend to go snorkeling at Pulau Payar will have to go by ferry from Kuah Jetty point. Advisable to buy your ticket a day before. Kindly check the ferry schedule here:- Ferry Schedule

      Its also advisable to get a Hotel at Kuah town if you intend to go Pulau Payar..because its nearer to Kuah Jetty. Previously I book this budget hotel. Not bad…was quite new and clean. “Azio Hotel”

      Hope it helps and have a nice day 😉

      1. thanks, actually i plan go there by flight but i think i better go by boat from penang-p.payar-langkahwi then only back by flight from langkahwi to penang….

    1. Hi Benji.
      Thanks for the compliment.
      I do not have contacts for snorkeling. What you can do is that, once you reach the Langkawi airport, there are several kiosk (reliable tour agencies) at the arrival hall. You can randomly choose one (the prices are more or less the same). Book your package through the agency there (the arrival hall). If you take the car rental + snorkeling or any other offered packages…you can do some price bargaining with them.

  9. Hi guys,I and my frns plan for langkawi snorkeling this caming saturday ….but i dont get idea from where can get lowest price for snorkeling pac…guys kindly adv me

    1. Hi sri;

      Snorkeling packages can be purchase at the airport arrival hall. Try to negotiate for a better price if you are buying for a big group of friends. Enjoy ur trip 🙂

  10. Great read Melissa gives me a lot of clarity on what I want to do.

    Who is the tour agent I should book? Any recommendations?


  11. Hi.. me and my husband are visiting langkawi with a it possible for me to visit palau payar..

  12. hi Melissa , can i get your agency’s contact number ? my friends and I were planning for a trip to marine park . is it a must for us to take any package ? because we’re not going there with any tour packages . hope you can give some suggestions .

    1. Hi Nur Atikah.
      Thanks for dropping by. I can’t remember the contact number already. We took the tour package because it could save us the hassle. Tour will arrange the pickup & drop off from & to your hotel, also inclusive of lunch.
      Not sure if you could go Pulau Payar on your own. Perhaps you could try asking from “Kuah Jetty Complex”.

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