Chatime; The Premium Pearl Milk Tea

Despite the long queues and the waiting, yet it still receiving overwhelming response from patrons. What am I referring here? Its Chatime, The Premium Pearl Milk Tea which currently mushrooming in Malaysia. (my new found love)…..Chatime even planned to open total of 25 branches.

PS:- The CEO, Mr Bryan Loo is a young and good looking guy!! *uhhhh…*

As you know, Bubble Milk Tea or Pearl Milk Tea is very popular in Taiwan. (made me miss Taiwan again). To get a nice or somewhat pure one here in Malaysia is rather difficult. Thanks to Chatime for bringing in to Malaysia.

Chatime is franchised from Taiwan.

OMG!! A whole long list of flavors!! When am I able to try all?? (around 120 types)

It claimed as Premium Milk Tea. Which I do agreed.

The current number is at 6364 and my order number is 6410…Gosh..long way more. However I waited for about 30 minutes in order to get my drinks. Sound nuts right??

These were the crowds in Sunway Pyramid’s branch. I wonder will the craze be like J Co’s donuts when it 1st arrived in Malaysia?? 

Glass Jelly with Fresh Milk – RM5.90 (Regular)

The glass jelly or ‘leong fun’ are so smooth that it slips easily through the straw. The milk taste more like soybean.

Brewed Olong Tea – RM4.90 (Regular)

If you would like something more refreshing, this is a good choice!

Taiwan Plum Ice Tea(with pearl) – RM5.90 (Regular)

If you prefer something more appetizing, this is a good choice. Though its plum, but it ain’t too sour.

Red Bean Milk Tea – RM5.90 (Regular)

It sounded unique to me. Took the challenge and gave it a try, since its under the recommended list. Surprising the drink was good. The red bean are soft too and the milk tea taste nice.

Roasted Milk Tea (with Pearl) – RM5.90 (Regular)

I may not resist this either. Love the aroma taste of tea in this cup of drink. Oh ya..I almost forgotten to highlight that the ‘pearls’ are good. Very chewy and not too hard of course.

Chatime has now monopolized:-

– Pavilion Kuala Lumpur; 4th Floor,Connection
– Berjaya Times Square; Lower Ground
– Sunway Pyramid New Wing; First Floor, Blue Atrium
– The Gardens Mall; Lower Ground
– SStwo Mall
– SS15
– First Avenue, Penang

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