Dinner @ Sang Thai Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

Eat Drink Laugh…. Another feast before we fly back to KL the following day. Yet another Thai Restaurant located in Kuah Town. Probably because Langkawi is located quite near to Thailand. Therefore they are quite influenced by their culture. This restaurant is located just next to Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood Restaurant   which we had our dinner on the 1st night. Aparently Wonderland Seafood Restaurant which is well recommended also located on the same row. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to try, as it was closed during our visit.

Lookin through the menu, the prices are more or less the same as Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood.

The well-lit restaurant with a bright signboard good to attracts attention.

Assorted Seafood. Order and get them cook the way u preferred (choose the cooking method from menu).

The unhappy crabs. “Hey…you better get your hands off me…grrrr..kiap kiap…kiap”

Quite crowded too…

Stir Fry Bean Sprout with Salted Fish – RM16 (L)

Started off with a not so nice dish. I would prefer if more salted fish were added in. Here I may need a magnifying glass to find the pieces of salted fish.

Belacan Kangkung – RM16 (L)

This was good. I like the belacan fragrant along with the vege.

Claypot Tofu – RM20 (L)

Prawn Salad in Spicy, Salty & Sour Taste – RM60

Wow…so many types of flavors in a plate of prawns. Must be surprising huh. Its more like the Thai Kerabu taste. I like it too. Moreover the prawns are quite big and fresh. No wonder it cost RM60 just for this. *eyes open widely*

Steamed Seabass in Teochew style – RM45 (price varies depending on type of fish and weight)

I like this fish gravy very much. I treated it like a soup. It has sourish taste from the plum & hotness from the julienne ginger.

Fried Balitung – RM20

Thai Style Chicken – RM20 (L)

Food : 3.5 /5 (pork free)

Service : 3.5/5

Ambiance : 3/5

Sang Thai Seafood Restaurant

204 & 205, Jalan Kelana Mas,
07000 Kuah,

Telephone Number : +6012-4762329

Opening Hours : 5.30PM – 3AM

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