Do you think IKEA stuff worth the buy??

Now its almost the time to furnish. Trying to get some ideas from magazines. Its all about creativity. Somehow I am doubting my creativity. =_=

Playing a role as part of the owner is important. I’m quite blank at this stage. Where am I suppose to begin? Looking through IKEA stuff online….picked some stuff that I like…. IKEA stuffs always inspired me. Not only the designers are creative, I also like that its simple yet modern looking feel. Many people been telling me that IKEA stuff are not worth the buy. Its expensive and not lasting(in term of quality I guess). But yet I still see IKEA as a crowd place. Especially during the weekends.

I spared some time and copied some pictures from IKEA online.





13 thoughts on “Do you think IKEA stuff worth the buy??”

  1. I would recommend IKEA, their quality is quite good. But maybe things like sofa you should invest in a better quality one, but for things like wardrobe etc I would say their quality is very good.

    1. Baby Sumo – Wardrobe?? Means its quite true also lor…Another friend of mine suggested that too…She said the wardrobe is quite lasting..even if its a sliding type. & also the rod. It able to withstand heavy weights. What I like most about their wardrobe is that I can pick the compartments that I like. That will make the wardrobe look much neater.

  2. Mel, mayb u can try to search for ID. nowadays got many ID joint venture with contractor. for my condo I m doing a fixed wardrobe and kitchen and appointing an ID to do the job. if you want any recommendation, can give you some names

  3. Jing Yi: Actually ID/Contractor charge quite high for doing the job compared to IKEA. For wardrobe, the ID quote me the price was 3x what I got from IKEA. And the quality is not tht good from the ID.

  4. I love going to Ikea before, they are great in sourcing different furnitures that would match their modern concept. I guess those are just rebranded from something else as I see som designs similar to IKEA from other shops.

    1. Ray – Ya…thats the whole idea about it…simple yet modern! Rebranding? hmmm….could be also. Compared to some high-end designer shops…Which may cost you a bomb!!

  5. I think Ikea Kitchen is really worth the buy. If you asked the contractor to custom make for you.. okay they can do it. So what after that. If your drawer stuck cannot pull out, or there’s malfunction after a year or 2 or 3 or 4 then you call the contractor. Either they pick up your call, or not they will never come back and look at your kitchenette. Try to call again, line busy, unanswered call.

    Ikea has 10-15 years of warranty or even guarantee and if you call them they will sure make an appointment to help you solve your problem. Isn’t that good? And the soft fixtures/ accessories are just awesome! You can even get a replacement when their goods are faulty.

    For drawer.. not all is good. You have to look at the quality and judge by yourself. I’ve got one which going to spoil already (cannot put alot of things, slightly heavier the bottom bengkok) but I still will consider IKEA but choose a better quality ones.

    Congrats on your new home btw!

    1. Cheryl – Thanks for your opinion…I think I will save up and invest on the wardrobe. Book shelves also look good…Those like less than rm500 then can get 1 big shelve…must think twice. Yalor..I also see that they have a warranty period of 10 years. You are right also….
      Thanks Thanks 😉

  6. Wah, Mel Mel has done a lot of homework neh. Hahahaha. I like those PAX wardrobe ler.

    Thanks Cheryl for those good tips ler! 😀

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