They sincerely care??

I had a chat with friend A and friend B through MSN, which I did occasionally.

Unfortunately…they no longer started with “ are you doing?”..

Instead the first question that I was addressed; “So, any news from your belly?? Or, any good news from you??”

I then replied; don’t you have any better question to ask rather than each time we chat also you’ll be asking me the same old question. She replied; ‘care for you ma’…. (sorry to say, this question really annoys me and got me frustrated). It wouldn’t be nice if I say straight to her face right. I would rather her ‘care for you’ turn into something that sounds nicer…as in ‘how are you recently’? Shall we plan for a meet up?……

Trying to get myself used to it…not to put any pressure to myself either. I knew these questions would never end.

When you are in a relationship, people would be asking, “When will you be getting married?”

When you are then married, people would be asking, “When are you going to plan to have a family/ child?”

When you already have your first child, people will still be asking, “When are you planning to have your second baby?”

All these are claimed under “I care for you policy”!!!

7 thoughts on “They sincerely care??”

  1. Totally feel you. Now i only answer “oh… got got… wait ahh”
    Let them wait lor…….
    It’s difficult not to get annoyed, but mel mel, if they don care about how u feel, why should u get annoyed by them right? They’re just some “nobody”.
    True friends like us, don’t even need to ask to know if you’re doing ok. 😀 We just, KNOW.

  2. *Lam Mai Yat Gao*

    haiz….suen ba la…i also sien jor…belum ada wor -> so what leh? u so gan cheong mau bagi “fullmoon” ang pow la??

    haha…cheer up, mel mel

    mel mel, how are you recently ah? haha 😛

    1. Thanks ah nic!! I also really don’t understand these people…They themselves also under the same boat ….don’t they have the same feelings too meh… =_=

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