Preview of Princess Alysha

If you’ve been reading my blog, you will know that I was quite nervous few days ago. Due to an assignment which I have doubts on myself. Well…everything was quite fine on the actual day…. (hope I covers most of the important stuff)

I am now in the process of editing the photos. Here, I would like to show you a preview. Please enlighten me if the outcome and the way I am editing is fine. In a way that, the colors and so on…..will the colors look dull?


7 thoughts on “Preview of Princess Alysha”

  1. Hey thanks for dropping by my blog. The Ice Room is located at PD Town, pls refer to the link I provided for the address but I’m not sure whether there is any landmark or not, sorry >.<

  2. Very lively ler mel mel. See, you did it. 😀
    Mel Mel, adjust the exposure abit when u edit in lightroom. Play around with the exposure and contrast, sometimes they can make the subject in the photo pop out more. Wuahahaha… macam expert ni…. 😛

    1. Ash- Ohh…contrast i got adjust2…but seldom on exposure..ok..will take note on that…ahahah…nola..a piece of advise is always good. THANKS! :-X

    1. Jing Yi – Really? Aiyo…I nvr thought it would b nice ler….Anyway…I’m still quite devastated and I’m melting liao…..wahahah….so much THANKS!! 🙂

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