Paul Frank Sleeve Case

Finally I got myself a sleeve case. Oppss…not for myself. Its for Whitey*.

I’m feeling much happier than her. At least a protection to her lor…I’m now less worried when carrying it. She has been naked for more than a month ler..(censored).

When I got this Paul Frank Sleeve Case, I was going gaga over it. And even bragged about it. Took a photo and MMS it to Alex. Then I called Alex right after I press the ‘send’.

Mel : Did you receive the MMS which I’ve just sent to you?

Alex : No ler…what is it about?

Mel : =_=   (so slow want). Never mind lar… just see it after you received it.

………………THE NEXT MORNING……………………

Alex : Saw your MMS liao ler….so cute…I knew it!! Knew you would prefer something like that de lor….. Look at the mouth…just like you lahh….

Mel : (duhh….jahat sungguh suami aku ni) @_@

nicely packed in the clear box

masih ada bau kedai ^^

even the zip is nice too….

the inner material is soft & smooth…worth the price I paid!

This is a sleeve case. However Whitey claimed as her sleeping bag…See! Showing me that she’s sleeping summore…..

By the way…my mouth do look like that meh? May be one of these day I shall try to pose like that and see whether it matches or not. =_=

2 responses

  1. Your mouth definitely does not look like that lah. Alex so jahat one. Hahahahhaa…….
    Yyyeerr… even the zip oso got monkeysssss…. so cute neh…. shoulda tumpang u to buy one also, in case mine is dirty soon. LMAO!

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