Paul Frank Sleeve Case

Finally I got myself a sleeve case. Oppss…not for myself. Its for Whitey*.

I’m feeling much happier than her. At least a protection to her lor…I’m now less worried when carrying it. She has been naked for more than a month ler..(censored).

When I got this Paul Frank Sleeve Case, I was going gaga over it. And even bragged about it. Took a photo and MMS it to Alex. Then I called Alex right after I press the ‘send’.

Mel : Did you receive the MMS which I’ve just sent to you?

Alex : No ler…what is it about?

Mel : =_=   (so slow want). Never mind lar… just see it after you received it.

………………THE NEXT MORNING……………………

Alex : Saw your MMS liao ler….so cute…I knew it!! Knew you would prefer something like that de lor….. Look at the mouth…just like you lahh….

Mel : (duhh….jahat sungguh suami aku ni) @_@

nicely packed in the clear box

masih ada bau kedai ^^

even the zip is nice too….

the inner material is soft & smooth…worth the price I paid!

This is a sleeve case. However Whitey claimed as her sleeping bag…See! Showing me that she’s sleeping summore…..

By the way…my mouth do look like that meh? May be one of these day I shall try to pose like that and see whether it matches or not. =_=

2 thoughts on “Paul Frank Sleeve Case”

  1. Your mouth definitely does not look like that lah. Alex so jahat one. Hahahahhaa…….
    Yyyeerr… even the zip oso got monkeysssss…. so cute neh…. shoulda tumpang u to buy one also, in case mine is dirty soon. LMAO!

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