Sarawak Laksa @ Hai Siang Kopitiam, Puchong

[41% Off] Sarawak Laksa OR Curry Laksa for 2 people at Hai Siang Kopitiam, Puchong for RM20 instead of RM33.70. For RM10 per person. Pork-free

(Served with Thai fish cake, mini Ngoh Hiang roll and Vietnamese prawn roll.)

When I saw this deal (above) offered at Groupon page, I was attracted by the ‘Sarawak Laksa’. Furthermore I heard a positive feedback from my friend over FB. Therefore I’m convinced! Sarawakians who are residing in Klang Valley and also misses their home-ground food can try Hai Siang Kopitiam’s Sarawak Laksa, and 3 layers tea (yet to try). Its quite similar to the authentic ones which I had in Sarawak. Ada jugak rasa Sarawak….

I was told that the owner of Hai Siang Kopitiam is from Borneo and the ingredients are from Kuching. Ohh..patutlah…

Very vintage feel. Matches the environment of a kopitiam.

Hai Siang Kopitiam started business in August 2006 in a new township of Bandar Puteri Puchong. Huh…so long edi ar…now only I knew about this place. So outdated!

A menu with more food and drinks. (will try more in future) I guess their signature drink should be coffee. But I didn’t order one. Because it was during dinner time and if I would to drink coffee…I will be an owl the whole night. I’m just like an old lady…can’t take tea or coffee at night. =_=

A beautiful bowl of Sarawak Laksa…with 2 fat prawns. Sarawak Laksa, the broth is different from our local Laksa. And the important thing for Sarawak Laksa is the sufficient spice and ingredient to make a perfect broth. Topped with shredded chicken, omelet and a calamansi.

Rice vermicelli for Sarawak Laksa is different from our local rice vermicelli. Its slightly thicker and crun.

Mini Ngoh Hiang Roll

Thai Fish Cake

Vietnamese Prawn Roll

Hai Siang Kopitiam
17, Jln Puteri 1/6, Bandar Puteri, 
Puchong, Selangor 47100
(near Giant Puchong)
Phone: 03-8061 6919 (Call during operating hours)
Business Hour:
Mon – Sat: 8:30 am 11:30 pm
Sun: 8:30 am 6:00 pm

18 thoughts on “Sarawak Laksa @ Hai Siang Kopitiam, Puchong”

  1. u pandai cari makan huh… 🙂
    RM10/bowl… hmm okie le … not so cheap and not so expensive..
    I have not try Sarawak laksa.. does it has the strong indian smell?
    My fav curry laksa is in PJ seapark O&S ..
    one day me belanja u makan le.. 🙂

    1. NONO…RM10/person is inclusive that 3 plates of thg. Normal price is RM8/bowl. Hmmm……won’t la…will have nice spice taste a lil sourish after taste. I belanja u many food here edi…can see cannot eat type =p

  2. RM10 a bowl of laksa??? *faints!!!* Or does it include all the other things in your post? In Sibu, we can get very good ones for RM3.50… I think Kuching a bit more expensive RM4-5, city mah!!! Higher standard of living…

    P.S. Thanks for linking me in your blogroll.

    1. Halo suituapui….
      RM10 per person is inclusive that 3 plates of appetizer. Usual price is rm8 per bowl. Yalo…KL standard…with aircond with wifi …sure charge u higher one. I rmbr I had once from Kuching which is around rm5/bowl. The rest..I only had it at Sarikei only, which is around RM3-4.

      1. STP – melissa very stingy one .
        u think she will spend RM10/bowl…lol …
        she calculate kau kau then only makan . muahahahaha … ;p

  3. Food Dreams & Baby Sumo – Alternatively there’s another one which we felt quite authenthic too…at “Ming Tien” Food court next to Sunway Pyramid. 😉

  4. Thank you for visiting us! Yes my wife is frm Sibu and I am frm KCH. Yea, we had to fly in our Laksa paste every month frm KCH. The only thing we couldn’t find here is that fine bean sprout thingy they put on top of the Laksa in KCH. Thank you once again for your lovely comment and we hope to see u guys soon!

    1. Greeting Hai Siang Kopitiam, thanks for the comment.
      Well…one day I should drop by to try your Mee Suah… that’s my favorite comfort dish in S’wak 😉
      Ohh ya…bean sprout over there is skinnier and longer too..

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