Snow Ice @ ice room, PD

Thanks to Mimi’s Dining Room whom actually blogged about this place just at the right time before I visit Port Dickson. I am delighted that, this would be another eating spot added to my iternary of the day! YIPPIE>>>>

Right after our lunch at Restoran Mei Jing; we drove to PD town which took about 15 minutes. Wanting some so-called light exercise, we went to BILLION supermarket to grab some stuff (ie: mineral water & tit bits).

We managed to locate the place (ice room) as quite visible…. I suppose there’s only 1 big roundabout at PD town. Ice Room is a corner shop, a 3 storey building with striking green paint color.

When you are at the roundabout…you surely won’t miss it.

They do have several branches. Located at LOT 10, Cheras, Nilai, Seremban, Bangi, Kajang, Sri Gombak, Kota Damansara, Plaza Mon’t Kiara.

Ice Room is a one of its kind lifestyle café. But I think their signature item would be the ‘Snow Ice’.

The modern & well-lit interior. Yet its using the ‘green’ theme.

menu and a piece of list for you to tick your order and hand over to the waiter

assorted snow ice attached with photo, easier for you to place your order. At least you can picture out what you are ordering.

Serves fusion food suitable for all races here. However it did not attracts me much…because I’m still full with my previous meal ^^

Durian Snow Ice – RM8.90 (recommended)

This was the STAR of the day. If you are a durian fans…you surely adore this. Topped with tapioca pearls and basil seeds with nice aromatic durian taste.

Mango Pomelo Snow Ice – RM7.90

I frown a second when I saw this. Though is has nice mango taste and chunks of sweet mango….but anyhow, I felt that the chocolate rice spoiled the outlook of it. Should have just leave alone the basil seeds and a slice of strawberry. I almost forgotten the word ‘pomelo’ after I re-view my menu. Because I couldn’t taste nor spot any pomelo in it.

A closer look…. Flaky and strands. But it taste just as smooth and creamy like an ice cream.

Two Variety Custard Layer Cake – RM3.00

The cake was served warm. The texture is fluffy and not too sweet. I like to take a bite of it after I finish my cold ice…I could feel the warmness in my mouth.

OK..I was acting crazy again….

Ahhh…now at least a decent one…

Its soothing to have a bowl of snow ice during hot spell.

Ice Room

No 52 ,Jalan Raja Aman Shah,
71000, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Tel : 06-6479808, 06-6476808 (Chef Ben)

Website: Ice Room

15 thoughts on “Snow Ice @ ice room, PD”

    1. Ray;

      Nope..ABC is crushed ice with assorted ingredients (red bean, corn, peanuts, jelly, etc) topped with syrup.

      This is more like ice cream with different flavors …uses machine to make it flaky

  1. 100yen shop have this too. Only RM5 I think, they have Coffee, Mango, Strawberry and Green Tea flavor, really nice. The Ice Room in Plaza Mont Kiara doesn’t really draw a lot of crowd maybe their shop is too tiny.hehe

    Very nice photo you took there.

    Oh by the way the Snow Ice available at Sg Wang is nice too! abit different as they have Gwai Lin Gou and Mochi

    1. Cheryl – yaya…100 yen de is cheaper hor…. but then no topping la..taste wise..more or less the same.
      Wahh…isit? Sg. Wang geh sounds special o…Which floor isit?

  2. The one you had looks smaller bowl … lol …. I love mine with the topping full till dropping out … 😛 Lips smacking babeh ….. :P~~~~

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