Dinner @ After 5 Uptown Cafe, Seremban 2

Another new hangout place for the youngsters. Erm…I shouldn’t say it new anymore. Because previously it was closed for renovation and now it has resumed its business since 28th June 2011. I noticed the number of cafes started to bloom here in Seremban. Yah…that’s good for me 🙂

I visited this cafe before and after the renovation. I’m not too sure whether did the management changed as well. Apparently, the whole menu was totally different from last time. Moreover they no longer serving pork dishes. *SIGH* (I like porky wor….)

Yeap….its HALAL now!!

Honestly I do not like the new menu. I hardly decide what to eat. There wasn’t much choice for me to choose. Why?? 65% of the menu comprised of desserts and drinks. Snacks and main course are the remaining 35%.  *Geez*

Cute Menu

The ambiance (sorry for the poor resolution)

Part of the dessert pages from menu. I’m tempted to try all of them. Hehehe….

By the way; minutes after the waitress took our order, then I remember that I should inform them to serve my dessert ‘after meal’. Unfortunately the waitress told me that my order already sent to the kitchen. Can’t change. **Huh…can’t do anything?? It was just like a minute wor…so fast they have done it meh???** Fine…I don’t blame her. Its the employer’s fault!! “Untrained staff”. Should ask  customers whether to serve dessert before or after meal….

Honeydew Pudding Snow – RM8.50 (recommended)

This ice dessert was served as the very first item. Being worried that the ice will melt fast; I was so hooked up to it. Bottom layer consist of pearls and sago then overlay with mango flavored pudding. Covered with crushed ice, smothered with fragrant gula melaka and topped with honeydew & passion fruit. Quite unique.

Grass Jelly with Taro Balls – RM5.90

Sorry to say….this is way different from SNOWFLAKES! Booo…

Need to improve… (I don’t mean to be bias ya)

Pomelo Plum – RM5.90 (recommended)

A refreshing drink indeed!

Ice Honey Lemon – RM5.00

Ice Lime Tea – RM4.00

Chicken Chop Rice – RM11.90 (so so only)

Seafood Kuey Teow Soup – RM10.90

At least this is better than my chicken chop rice ler..  The prawns were fresh. However I felt that the soup is alil bland. If only an extra pinch of salt to it would be even better.

Lala Soup Noodles – RM8.90

Dry Noodles (with Kimchi) – RM6.90

Just ignored the Kimchi, the noodles would be great! Because the Kimchi taste weird.

Food : 5/10

Service : 6/10

Price : 5/10

After 5 Uptown Cafe

298, Jalan S2 B13,
Seksyen B, Uptown Avenue,
Seremban 2
70300 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan
Tel : 06-6017947
Business Hour : Tuesday – Sunday (5pm – 1am)

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