Do you remember your childhood games?

Time to refresh the childhood memories.

How well do you remember it? How about your childhood games?What games do you usually played with your friends or school mates?

Usually it involves traditional games. Unlike children these day… its all about technology games. iPad, Play Station, iPhone and etc. Wonder do children this era know about traditional games? Or at least familiar with the names. I recalled playing these games between breaks. Such as during recess time, and spare time after school hours. It brings back lots of nostalgic memories.


I usually get my grandma to sew the beanie bags for me, then filled with rice or beans. Using stones is actually the original method.

Batu seremban or five stones is a game originally played by girls. This is an easier game to play compare to congkak because it only needs five stones or five round objects to play with. You can either play with five, seven or nine objects determining to what type of game you are playing.The objective of the game is to throw one of the stones one at a time and sweeping another on the floor simultaneously catching the one you threw earlier on. This game continues to advance stages where the game gets complicated.

photo by Nyi Lin Win


We usually uses the badminton court as the galah panjang court.

Galah Panjang is not an individual traditional game. It requires 2 separate teams of attackers and defenders. Each team usually consists of not less than 4 players, thus the game is played by about 10 players. Each player is required to run past all defending lines from the first line to the last and run back towards the first line without any physical contact with the opposing team. If any member of the opposing team manages to touch any player, the player is considered ‘dead’ and out of the game.



It is a game which is played during one’s free time. Usually after a hard day’s work on the padifields. It is a game played by the women, especially liked by the youths.

Before playing a game of congkak one has to have a piece of wood 80cm in length and 18cm in width. That piece of wood would have two different types of holes, namely the lubang kampung (village) or lubang anak (child) and lubang rumah (house). The number of lubang kampung is usually in odd quantities of five, seven or sometimes nine in a row.

The lubang kampung is in two long rows where as the lubang rumah is represented with two bigger holes located either sides of the row of lubang kampung. The anak-anak buah(playing seeds) is usually represented by marbles, stones or shells which is kept in play by putting them into the holes.

It is easy to play the game. Basically, two players will move simultaneously. If either of the player reaches a hole with no more playing seeds, the player has to stop. He can only move when the opponent stops in the same dead end. The game of congkak ends when there is no more playing seeds in the lubang kampung or lubang anak. The player who has the most number of seeds in the lubang rumah wins the game.


Uses rubber bands..preferable the colorful ones. Shouting “ZERO POINT” was fun! Unfortunately my rubber bands always got confiscated by the prefects. Sobs..Don’t understand why school don’t allowed us to play that. Anyway, we still curi-curi play lah….hahaha..

An informative article about this game HERE


Eagerly waited for the bread vendor to arrive. So that I can collect more! ^^

Ahh…I started to miss my old school now. The old CONVENT. There were so many playing spots, so many memories. Now, its no longer there. *sigh. It was demolished, then became an abandoned project and now its a “HUGE POOL”!

18 thoughts on “Do you remember your childhood games?”

  1. Ooh!! Mel.. U make me missing my childhood games also le.. I played the five stones and the hopping one.. Paper dolls… Zero points!! Hahha… All played b4 le…

  2. Walau…. all these memories…
    Eh… i was very good in batu seremban de ler! Hahahaha..
    ZERO POINT!!!! LMAO!!! And that paper dolls, i used to have a lot!!! 10sen for 1 big piece of paper with all the dolls and clothes!!!!
    Oh gosh… those were the days……

    1. Ash – ya…alot of sweet memories… does this showed that we are getting old ar? keep talking about old stuff…wahahah…
      see…. told ya..we should play batu seremban again.. kekeke..

      1. Haha.. Ok ok.. One day we shall pay. But do u still have those stones? Mine is pyramid shape de with beans inside.. Think my ma ma threw them away Jor ler.. Keke

  3. Eh…. i don like those triangle shape de… I prefer square de. Hahahaha…..
    OMG, do u girls still know the “level” and steps??? I forgot ler leh.

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