Brunch @ Kedai Makanan Yut Kee

An initial plan of having brunch here just before we begin our journey to Colmar Tropicale. This place was strongly recommended by Ashley. Ashley got to know about this place from her Boss. See….how the good stuff are passed around.

Somehow we got caught in the jam and only managed to reach there at around 12pm. A gentle reminder…this place is very crowded and be prepared to wait for your seat. If you are lucky, you can get your seat within 10 minutes. Though it is located in front of a busy road, getting a parking is not a big issue.  Park behind its building. There’s an open air parking space *just pay lor….

The guys are waiting for their turn to be seated while I’m busy taking photo of the restaurant’s facade.

The Interior

An old coffee shop. Looks like a heritage shop too. I was told that this shop, Yut Kee was established since 1928. WOW! That was long! What is so good here that draws most of the crowd. The answer is PORK & Hainanese food. Which we hardly get one from the ordinary coffee shop.

guess I gotto apologize to pigs now. You are so cute and adorable…yet you are so delicious. Please do not hunt me….I LOVE YOU!

While waiting….I saw this fresh, hot golden block laid on the chopping board. What is that? It looks like a block of ham which I usually see from the Supermarket. This is actually ‘Roast Pork’. And its served from 11.30am onwards. (available only on Friday to Sunday) A whole block is at price of RM140 (huh…terkejut saya)

A plate of 2 slices ‘Roast Pork’ = RM14 (recommended)

Price of pork is getting expensive these days. Though this plate of 2 is not cheap but the taste was good le. Meat was stuffed with apricots, sage and pistachios to be roasted. Very crispy skin with tasty and tender meat. Me like that its not too dry or fat lor. .. Its served with apple sauce but I preferred to eat without the sauce.

**Though crowded, but the food arrived pretty quick**

Lets see what to order. Prices are clearly written on the huge menu.

Kopi Ping & Cham Ping

French Toast – RM 3.50

French Toast served with homemade kaya. I felt that the bread is just normal but the kaya was good. The kaya looks ugly but taste nice lor.

Pork Chop – RM 10 (recommended)

This is a Hainanese Style Pork Chop. A signature dish here. 2 slices of pork chop along with mixed vegetables, onion and potato wedges covered with brown sauce. Not sure how they cooked the gravy..but the taste goes well with the juicy pork. Love the gravy…slurp slurp..

Roti Babi (Pork Bun) – RM8 (recommended)

An egg batter bread sandwiched with shredded pork and onion. Some said with Chinese sausage and crabmeat. But I couldn’t taste it ler..

The golden brown bread with generous filling. Some said add few dash of Lea Perrin sauce for extra flavor. Isit?? Where’s the bottle of sauce?? Ahh..missed that. Anyway, I do feel that its good enough. Rather special to me.

Fried Hailam Mee – RM 6 (recommended)

Looks like Hokkien Mee…and don’t look presentable either. Surprisingly it taste good! Especially to eat the noodles with their sambal belacan. CAUTION! Its quite hot.

Char Siew Rice (BBQ Pork Rice) – RM 5.80

Hmm…this plate of char siew rice, nothing to shout about. So So only.

Last but not least, take away some cake slice.

Kaya Roll & Butter Cake…..yummy yummy…moist & buttery!!

Kedai Makanan Yut Kee
35, Jalan Dang Wangi (Campbell Road),
50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2698 8108
Business hours: 8am to 5pm
Closed on Mondays and the last Sunday of the month.

15 thoughts on “Brunch @ Kedai Makanan Yut Kee”

  1. Yum YUM!!!!! I love the pork chop ler!!!
    Seems like you all don’t like the french toast ler…. i pulak love it oh… hardly eat french toast with so much of egg de… 😀 kakakakaka… I am egg-eater! 😛

  2. Wah.. its been ages since I come here.. ever since I left working in KL haha.
    The Roti Babi nice hor. I always tapau the cake too. But I never eaten their roasted pork though, look damn nice lah! Maybe because I always go there early, the place is so crowded and sometimes I pass by driving la.. ppl queue until outside man!!

    The pork chop is so so only la I think.

    There’s another old shop near to in KL, also all the ‘Lou san ji’ cook geh very nice too.. go there and get a taste of it yah. The shop name Sin Seng Nam in KL, you google the place lah!!

  3. I grew up on Kamunting Street – which is adjacent to Jalan Dang Wangi (Campbell Rd). Thank you for the pictures – it brought back memories of my childhood life and made my day =)

      1. The pleasure is mine – After browsing your blog, I am really looking forward to the tasty KL food again when I return to Malaysia end of year. It’s been too long and looks like many things have changed =) I certainly wouldn’t miss the hainanese pork chop, kopi peng and roti bakar at Yut Kee. =)

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