S2 Hill Park is a new attraction

There is now a new park at Seremban 2…alternative to City Park.

It is located at S2 Heights, an extension of Seremban 2.

The existing City Park is still goodl, for outdoor activities like jogging, badminton, basketball, kite flying. However the children playground is kinda small with minimal numbers of playground equipments.

Unlike here at Hill Park, they provide more playground equipments. Children will love this place. Its a nice place for family outing and also exercise.

On one fine evening, I decided to bring my lovely niece here. Another reason was because I want to go see dinosaurs. Ya…..I’m serious and I meant dinosaurs ๐Ÿ˜€

Reason why I said this is a good exercising place. All cars are required to park their vehicle down hill and walk all the way up the hill. Quite far also le…If I’m not mistaken I think we took about 15 minutes to reach the park. Luckily my niece did not complain. *phew…

Probably on special cases like you come together with senior citizens..is excusable to drive up I guess.

While we were walking…..saw a partial rainbow on the sky. Not really visible though. *sings* somewhere over the rainbow…way up high…

Yay! We finally reach the park la….*deep breath*

This park has opened for almost 2 months. So, the place is still clean and everything is still in good condition. Hope they will maintain the place.

Well Malaysians attitude…never bother to take good care of public stuffs.

Families of all races having a good time here.

1st stop. Dunno why my niece loves cars so much. If we were to go to an amusement park, she actually requested to play Daytona car racing game. @_@

Spacious park with tall trees.

Right or Left?

Look how my niece walks. Like a ‘tai ka jeh’ (big sister).. haha…

She had fun!

They also provide ‘flying fox’ for children above 12 years old. But my 4 year old niece telling her mummy she wants to play too…. @_@

Ta Daahhh….These are the dinosaurs that I mentioned lah…Haha..

Above areย Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

Are you afraid ofย T Rex and Albertosaurus? Don’t worry…they are all fenced up. You can’t get close to them either.

How about Brachiosaurus?

A mini Jurassic Park! ^_^

They also provide spacious pondok (hut). So, you can have picnic here lor?

My niece. She is very talkative and bright kid.

Other than the hilltop view, breezy air… you can also view the beautiful sunset here.

A new and nice place to spend with family and friends on weekends.

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